Bulk Soil (Delivery Only)

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Bulk soil available for delivery only by the cubic yard.  Local delivery will contact you per your instructions in Comments within 48 business hours (Monday - Saturday) of placing order. 

To complete order must buy Delivery Fee of $149.99 separately. After adding Bulk Item(s) and Bulk Delivery to Cart, Select Free Shipping at Checkout.

Choose the variety best suited for your needs:

  • Pulverized black dirt:  Pulverized and screened making it easy to work and great based for all sorts of lawn, garden, and planting applications. Tonkadale recommends Pulverized Black Dirt for large scale general landscape needs. 
  • Compost:  Unique blend of organic matter to add nutrients to garden or lawn.  Tonkadale recommends Compost to add nutrients to existing or newly redesigned large garden areas.  
  • Garden Blend:  Blend of 1/3 each of Pulverized Black Dirt, Compost, and Sand to create unique blend to maximize plant growth. Tonkadale recommends Garden Blend for the creation of new garden areas that can benefit from additional nutrients and drainage. 
  • 50-50 Blend:  1/2 each of Pulverized Black Dirt and Compost.  Tonkadale recomends this blend for soils that are already well drained and do not need the additional drainage benefits of the Garden Blend.  50-50 Blend is recommended for raised garden beds for plants or vegetables.  

For our bagged soils, please click here for smaller sized quantity available for in-store pickup or local delivery.  

1 cubic yard = 27 cubic feet

Example:  10 feet x 20 feet x 1 feet depth raised garden bed = 200 cubic feet = 7.4 cubic yards