our latest plant picks

our latest plant picks

Posted by Megan Nichols on Nov 23rd 2019

Check out the latest and greatest houseplants to arrive to the greenhouse... each makes a bright and lush statement to add to your plant family. What's your fav?

Holiday Cactus

Budded and blooming and pet friendly – the perfect gift to give yourself and your planty friends and fam. Bright, indirect or medium light, water when top inch of soil is dry. Different varieties prefer to bloom at different times of the year, that’s why their referred to by different holiday names.

Silver Dollar Vine
Xerocysis dangui

With, flat, coin-like leaves, silvery coloring, and a vining habit, the name says it all. As a succulent, Silver Dollar Vine prefers direct sun, or at the very least bright light. Allow soil to dry between watering. This plant trails and climbs, so put it in a hanging basket or let it vine up a trellis.  

Hoya Kerrii

This sought-after plant will probably be gone by the time you read this (they go so quickly!) but here’s a pic to enjoy until we get the next batch. Low to medium light, low to moderate water needs, pet friendly.

Philodendron Lickety Split

Deeply split leaves make a statement while not trying to take over the whole room, as can be the case with some split-leaf types. Prefers bright, indirect light, water when top inch or two of soil is dry. Lickety Split is pretty and pretty easy.

Philodendron Little Hope

Just as the name implies, Little Hope is a compact philodendron and makes a great countertop or console table plant. Bright, indirect or medium light, water when top inch of soil is dry.

Mona Lisa

Pretty little brightly colored flowers that look like lipstick tubes bloom on lush, trailing foliage, making this plant is perfect for a hanging basket. Medium to bright light, evenly moist soil, pet friendly.