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4 in biodegradable pot.

African Blue

Purple-veined leaves produce a strong, earthy flavor, and a sweet camphor scent. Flowers are a pollinator favorite and very decorative. Does not need pinching to continuously grow. Sterile flowers do not produce seed.


This tall, fast growing variety has distinctive purple stems and veining and dark purple flowers. Flowers are edible and can be used in any recipe that calls for basil, or to garnish drinks, salads, soups, pasta, and desserts. Flavor is of intense basil with a note of mint, anise, and cinnamon.

Crimson King

A Genovese type basil with large leaves; dark-purple to black in color. Adds a bold splash of color to the garden. Some notice a distinct anise type flavor that is slightly spicy.

Eleonora Sweet Basil

Your go to basil for summer! Its leaf shape and open habit make this variety more resistant to downy mildew. Leaves slightly serrated and narrower than traditional Genovese types. Pinch and use often to encourage vegetative growth.

Holy Basil

Known as Ayurveda or Tulsi. Narrow leaves and purple stems are distinguished by a clove-like aroma and frost-tolerance. A bee magnet if allowed to flower and will reseed.


Long, lime-green elliptical leaves with a strong, lemony scent and flavor. White flowers if allowed to bloom. Pinch to keep compact and producing succulent leaves. An excellent source of beta-carotene and vitamin K. Sweet lemon fragrance will fade if chilled. Add to dishes at the end of cooking.

Lettuce Leaf

Basil lovers, this one’s for you! An extremely productive sweet basil boasting giant leaves. More sweet than spicy. Highly aromatic. Pinch to keep compact and producing succulent leaves. Slow to bolt.


Persian basil is known as Reyhan throughout the varied nations of southwestern Asia and has a distinctive aroma, both lemony and spice-like. This variety is super fragrant and nutritious, with more calcium than any other basil out there! Perfect for soups, salads, rice dishes. Plant as a companion plant, attracting pollinators to your vegetable garden while keeping pests away. This variety of basil is valued as a medicinal herb with antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties.  Slow to flower making it a strong producer. Beautiful purple veins.

Pesto Perpetuo

Leaves in perpetuity meaning you never have to beat flowers to harvest! This green and white variegated variety can be harvested all summer long. Traditional basil flavor with a hint of lemon. Pinch to encourage bushiness.

Spicy Globe

Mounded habit and dainty leaves packed with flavor. Begin light harvest once plant becomes established. A full harvest should be completed just before flowering. Leaves are easily bruised when picking.


This variety holds its flavor and texture better than other basils. Dark purple flowers and intoxicating scent make this a beautiful addition for any garden. Great for containers too! Pinch to keep compact. Harvest up to 1/3 of the plant at a time before flowering.


Three basil varieties in one pot! Sweet basil, amethyst, and lettuce leaf all combined in case you can't choose just one. A lovely mix of flavors for all your basil needs.