32 oz Monterey Horticultural Oil RTS

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Monterey Horticultural Oil contains mineral oil and functions as an insecticide, fungicide and miticide. It is effective on soft-bodied insects on a wide range of plants and trees.

As an insecticide and miticide, horticultural oil covers the insect and causes suffocation. This mode of action is effective on the egg, larval and nymph stages. Total coverage of the pest must be made for the oil to be effective.

As a fungicide, this product will work in two ways: It will reduce the population of vector insects like psyllids and leafhoppers, and it will interfere with the fungal pathogens ability to attach plant surfaces.

  • Can be used year-round, in both the dormant and growing seasons.
  • 0-day Pre-harvest Interval (PHI)
  • Use on ornamentals, roses and other flowers, houseplants, vegetables, citrus, small fruits and tree fruits and nuts.
  • For use only in home fruit and vegetable gardens, home greenhouses, interior plantscapes and ornamental gardens.

Monterey Horticultural Oil can be used to control mite and insect pests in the egg stage, including spider mites, eriophyid mites, armored scale, soft scale, mealybugs, psyllids, whiteflies, aphids, leafrollers, leaftiers, webworms, cankerworms, plant bugs, leafhoppers and adelgids. This product will kill other immature forms if spray covers the insect.

32 oz. ready to spray.