15.7" Bergs Piccolina Pot in Raw Rosa

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Bergs Potter’s pots are created with love in Tuscany. They take pride in the beauty and strength of their pots, made from premium clay. High quality materials and craftsmanship means the pots’ patinas will improve with age, and live on from one generation to the next.

The curved Piccolina is brought to life on the pottery wheel. The short pot – with beautiful ornamentation of vertical lines – is rigorously carved out in the body by a steady hand. A true masterpiece that upholds centuries of traditional artisanship.

Any porch, entrance door, or balcony will benefit from this bulky beauty. Its durability and versatile, timeless look fit into any modern or traditional home, and Piccolina will be a gem passed down through generations.

The large outdoor pot is designed in Scandinavia and created by hand in Tuscany.