custom design

Tonkadale Greenhouse offers our ever-popular custom design services year-round. Bring in your own pots or pick out new ones from our large selection in store.
We also carry vintage pots and vases hand-picked just for you.
Not sure where to start? Let us help you navigate through our custom design process.

Step 1: Give us a call or come see us! We prefer in-store meet and greet to understand the full potential of your design ideas.

Step 2: Fill out our Design Form.
The Design Form includes questions such as desired colors, size, price, plant choices, etc.
If you have multiple pots, allow enough time for us to help you go through your order in detail.
We also keep track of your previous designs if you prefer to reuse designs year after year. If you have designs filed outside of our store, feel free to bring those in and we can assist you.

Step 3: Do you have your own pots?
Do you need a drop-in pot? Do you want to purchase a pot through our store?
If you plan to bring in your own pots, please empty the pots prior to bringing them in. We do charge a dumping fee for dirt outside of the design center in our store.

Step 4: Do you have an estimated or specific due date?
Please be aware of busy periods such as spring and fall. Try to plan your orders with us in advance to avoid extended wait lists.

Step 5: File your order.
Once your design is complete and ready, we will give you a call to pick up or set up delivery.

Year Round Services
decoration advice · window boxes · hanging baskets · drop- in pots · fairy gardens · cactus & succulent gardens · permanent designs
combo foliage containers · grab-and-go containers · plant re-potting

Seasonal Services
spruce top pot production & customs · centerpieces · swags with fresh greens · permanent holiday decorations · permanent wreaths · fresh greens wreaths · bows · window boxes

Questions? Check out our common q’s page or contact us.

plant expertise & care tips

You can find a wide array of annuals, perennials, and indoor plants within the greenhouse. Our highly educated and trained staff is always available to help you develop your green thumb.
We strive for customer satisfaction, making sure the customer leaves the store feeling confident and excited about their plant purchases. Tonkadale searches high and low for rare plant varieties, as well as popular and easy-to-care for varieties. If there is something on your wish list, give us a call, or stop in the store!

Greenhouse Services
plant care and tips · soil, fertilizing, and watering direction · custom design direction · annual, perennial, and indoor plant expertise 
propagation assistance & direction · integrated pest management

delivery & set-up

Not enough space in your car for all your new goodies?
Tonkadale offers delivery services to areas within the Twin Cities and metro area.

Our delivery services are offered year-round, with climate controlled Econoline vans. We can guarantee that your plants and purchases will be safely and securely packaged for a punctual delivery. Set up delivery over the phone at 952-938-6480, or set up delivery in-store. Prior to delivery, you will receive a courtesy call to confirm the date and time of your delivery.

Delivery fees vary depending on location/zip code.
Christmas Tree set up requires set-up fee.
Contact us to inquire about pricing.

Questions? Check out our common q’s page for more information on our delivery services.

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