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Two friendly cats live at Tonkadale... Liefert is a
wise old fellow, Tiger is
his mischievous

Leifert Was A Companion Of Tonkadale For Several Years.
We will miss him.

Tiger The Friendly Cat
Lives At Tonkadale

Greetings From
Tonkadale Greenhouse!

Gardeners Unite!

Whether you are a first time gardener or
an experienced veteran, Tonkadale has something to offer everyone. Come explore Tonkadale and be captured by the color and magic. New treasures wait to be discovered each and every season.


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Tonkadale has an extensive selection of annuals, perennials, herbs, veggies, roses and tropical plants.

A large portion of our plants are grown locally at our off-site growing range in Breckenridge, MN. This ensures that we have the best quality and selection for our customers each spring and throughout the season.


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Custom Containers and mixed hanging baskets are Tonkadale’s claim to fame! We have many talented designers on staff ready to create. Look to Tonkadale for recipe ideas and inspiration. Our goal is to offer ideas and fresh product to keep your containers full each season of the year.

Check out our Custom Design page for information on how Tonkadale can help your design dreams come true. Visit the Containers page for seasonal recipes and ideas.


Spread Your Wings and
Let The Fairy In You Fly!

Fairy Gardening has proven to be a very popular pastime. The fairy gardens at Tonkadale are a definite must see for all ages.

Miniature plants and accessories are available for you to start your own. We are constantly searching for new accessories to add to your fairy landscape.

Could a fairy live here?

If you look carefully, you might catch these mythical creatures frolicking around the greenhouse. Come and see what these fairy-tale creatures are up to now! Visit Tonkadale’s Fairy Gardening page for more details

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