Right & Weft

Anna Hill

Anna Hill is the fiber artist behind the name right & weft. A self taught weaver, Anna has been experimenting with sewing, knitting and fiber arts since she was a child and finally found weaving and bought her first loom in 2019 and quickly found her creative home. Anna uses her loom to create woven wall hangings, accessories and more for the home. In addition to weaving, Anna creates wrapped fiber art and modern macrame including heirloom rainbow wall hangings, many of them finding a home in a nursery. Anna uses recycled and premium fibers in her work, including recycled cotton, wool, linen and more. She never uses acrylic yarns or yarns containing plastic. Anna finds joy in the making of her work and connecting with others through it.

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Elisa McBride

Coop offers products that curated & handmade, small batch or one-of-a-kind, unique items for everyday or the perfect gift. Accessories, fabric crowns, tote bags, & plush for kiddos & babies. Custom embroideries & banners, ornaments & more.

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Imokim Pottery

Kim Burnham

I create functional ceramics that are meant to be seen and used everyday. My work brings me so much joy because I know that each piece will continue to share its beauty with each use; a platter will bring people together as it is passed around a table, a mug will offer a respite to each day, a bud vase will provide functional charm to the expected and a planter will enhance the loveliness of its contents. With a BFA in fashion design from F.I.T. I am drawn to form, texture and functionality. Most of my pieces are manipulated, painted, and carved, at the greenware stage, to create new textures and patterns.

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Dannet Palacios

A gift shop with handmade accessories inspired by the love of plants and nature. Dannet uses a laser cutter and engraver, as well as a 3-D printer, and other tools to create fun and colorful jewelry, self-watering pots, flower presses, charcuterie boards, keychains, hair clips, mini bookshelves, stickers, rainbow sun-catchers, Post-it notes, and much much more! PLANTY’TUDE also offers custom made gifts and engraving on many of its items, so you can create a truly unique gift for your plant-loving friends and family. Dannet is also committed to sustainability, and she uses eco-friendly materials whenever possible.

Whether you're looking for a special gift for a plant lover or a loved one or simply want to add something cute to your own home, PLANTY’TUDE has something for you.

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Homebody MN

Cameron Barton

Homebody MN is a proudly trans-owned used book and candle company in Minneapolis. We handmade 100% soy candles with clever names, and handpick used books for personalized quarterly subscriptions, all while donating 5% of profits!

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The Clean Nest

Katie Lother

Pure products for the home. All Purpose Surface Cleaner, Room Spray, Pure essential oils and more!

The Clean Nest began with two Minnesota sisters' passion for non-toxic, pure cleaning practices. After 10 years of owning a successful all-natural cleaning business, they bottled up an all purpose cleaning spray of their own creation and The Clean Nest was born. They offer a variety of products and items to help keep your home fresh and TRULY clean.

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MOSS Collaborative

Lauren Riemersma

Lauren designs aesthetic paper goods including greeting cards, notepads, stickers, and photo prints. Get ready for lots of coffee, plants & animals in these designs!
The MOSS Collaborative name comes from the idea that moss grows on the north side of rocks and trees, making it a natural guide in the woods. Similarly, it’s Lauren’s goal to naturally guide others in making meaningful connections, celebrating the little things & being intentional through MOSS Collaborative products.

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Aloe Painted Pots

Mai Yia Vang

Whether you're nurturing a delicate succulent, a cascading ivy, or a statement monstera, our range of sizes caters to plants of all shapes and sizes. Find the perfect pot that complements your green companions.

Our hand painted pots boast a variety of designs that adds a unique touch of colors and patterns inspired by nature to contemporary minimalistic abstract art to complement your plants and spaces.

We use high quality acrylic paint and sealant to protect each pot. They're not just visually appealing but also durable.

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Woolly Bear Knits

Emily Sheehan

At Woolly Bear Knits, we create cozy, modern knit accessories that are hand-knit with ethically-sourced yarn. Our knits are inspired by everyday adventures, whether it be a winter walk with a warm beverage in hand or snowshoeing through a state park. They make the perfect addition to your après ski outfit or a warm, cute accessory for your winter errands. Everything is knit by hand with the highest quality, ethically-sourced Peruvian or merino wool natural fibers.
Woolly Bear Knits began in 2019 when Emily re-discovered her love of knitting. When she moved back to Minnesota from California, she wanted a way to stay warm so she could continue to spend time outside during even the coldest of winters, and discovered how warm and cozy merino wool is. We believe there’s no bad weather, only bad clothing, and we want to help keep you warm on any adventures that come your way!

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Warbuck Wares

Ty Warbuck

Using leather and canvas, I strive to create functional goods that are strong, useful, and beautiful. In other words, I love making bags, daily carry accessories, and small household goods that utilize a combination of clean lines, classic materials, and handmade character to create unique, yet timeless pieces for use in your daily life.

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Sarahberry Glass

Sarah Horning

Welcome to the world of Fun Glass Art by Sarahberry Glass. Everything is handmade by Sarah Horning out of her Northeast Minneapolis studio spaces. Sarah has been on the torch making heavy duty, reusable glass straws since 2018 and in the last few years she has added stained glass + fused glass pieces to her growing collection of joyful artwork. From her creation of barware to home goods, Sarah has always focused on environmentally friendly business practices with her compostable packaging and zero waste shipping. You can see her love for the world around us in her colorful fruit and veggie glass art, plant accessories, and in her fun content creation.

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Sidecar Ceramics

Katie Ferguson

Sidecar Ceramics was established in April of 2021. It all started in the basement of owner & creator Katie Ferguson’s South Minneapolis home. The studio, now located in NE Minneapolis, creates handmade objects inspired by patterns in nature, textures, fashion and architecture. All pieces are food safe and made with speckled stoneware.

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Amy Teawalt Studio

Amy Teawalt

Amy Teawalt is a printmaker based in Maple Grove that creates linocuts, cyanotypes, greeting cards and more inspired by our beautiful Minnesota landscapes. When she’s not in the studio you can find her exploring the great outdoors, spending time with her husband and two dogs, and wandering the aisles at Tonkadale of course!

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El & Gray Design

Sarah Morrow

In 2019, after working in corporate America for over a decade, I decided to take some time off to be home with my kids. Little did I know, COVID-19 was on the horizon. Being home during that time provided me the space to channel my artistic energy in a new way and El & Gray Design was born.

Besides selling jewelry on my website and shops around the Cities, I also teach DIY Earring making workshops on a regular basis. My jewelry has been featured on Twin Cities Live, Minnesota Monthly Magazine, and on the runway the past three seasons of Fashion Week MN.

It is the greatest joy for me to make polymer clay handmade jewelry that brighten people's lives. I strive to bring my customers a variety of options that are interesting, colorful, and on trend.

The name El & Gray Design was inspired by the nicknames of my kids, Elora and Grayson.

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Sandwich Ceramic

Francis Pineda-Fischer

Sandwich Ceramic is a Saint Paul, Minnesota based studio designing and creating handmade functional ware with minimalist forms meant for everyday use. Sandwich was started in 2018 by Francis Pineda-Fischer out of a strong passion for the field of ceramics and the desire to promote meaningful interaction between people and the objects we use each day. Pieces are made with locally produced stoneware clay and unique in-house glazes. A healthy amount of love & care has been put into all aspects of the process with hopes that love can be passed along to others.

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Rare Press

Elizabeth Christian

Rare Press is a one woman art business run by Lizzie Christian in Minneapolis. Blockprinting is her main medium, but she also creates acrylic paintings on wood, painted and printed textiles, and home goods. Her work features bright colors, botanical themes, and portraits.

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Hannah Smith Ceramics

Hannah Smith

I’ve been making functional pottery for over ten years and currently work out of a teeny tiny studio in my basement. Grounded in the enduring belief that everyday objects don't have to be boring, my work is characterized by bold colors, highly decorative surfaces, and whimsical patterns.

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Bekah Worley Co

Bekah Worley

Bekah Worley is a Minneapolis-based artist whose folk-art-inspired acrylic paintings explore color, pattern, and form. In addition to original paintings, Bekah also offers prints of her work, a wide selection of bright stickers, and one-of-a-kind holiday ornaments.

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Brittney Mussell Papercuts

Brittney Mussell

For the past several years Brittney has been exploring the many modern interpretations of the traditional craft of papercutting. With a simple exacto knife and lots of paper she has been inspiried to create works that explore the many patterns and shapes that are hidden in nature. Whether it’s a simple leaf that has fallen from a tree or the magical patterns on a moth, the natural world holds vast inspiration. She creates both original paper cuts as well as hand painted prints using her paper cuts. When she isn’t hunched over her stack of paper, she may be seen searching for more patterns found out in the wild.

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Thu Nguyen

Restart Reuse is a collection of things practical and eccentric - designed to last and be reused but not to outlast our planet. Patterns selected and designed are inspired by what brings joy, whether that be nature or women.

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Burn Boss

Emma Remer

Made with sustainability in mind. Each vessel is sourced secondhand and filled with a hand-poured soy candle, scented with unique fragrances (all clean burning and plastic free). Once it’s done, reuse it for something else or reach out for a refill.

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j.Helen Designs

Jennifer Tvedten

Jennifer has been working with textiles since an early age, developing her sewing, knitting and embroidery skills.   Her crafts reflect a creative outlet for those skills making one-of- a-kind purses, bags, and totes.   For the past two years she has focused on creating delightful Christmas tree ornaments featuring hand-embroidery and beading that will surely become family treasures.


Monique Maxwell Unlimited

Monique Maxwell

The foundation of this brand is my passion for helping people. So many of us waste our days in a haze of negativity, but my dream is to help you push beyond that and create change in your heart and the world.

Get past the negativity one shirt, one hat, one hoodie at a time. Each one bears a powerful message not only for you, but for the whole world.

My background in fashion pushed me to create this line. Each message is based on my life experiences, the questions I grapple with, and the inspiration I’ve found to ring true. They start conversations, serve as reminders in the mirror, and create change.

I hope an inspiring shirt from Be a Kind Human can be your first step toward freely speaking your truth and embodying your beliefs.



Orange Flower Creative

Caitlin Flower

Caitlin would casually help her mom, who was also an artist, design jewelry pieces for fun for a few years, without ever a thought of designing her own. In fact, she was all set to begin sewing classes when the pandemic happened and everything was shut down. Her mom, Lori Ann, bought her a set of tools and some supplies to practice with and said, “get to work- you need to be making jewelry too!”
Caitlin lost her mom in March of last year to cancer, so having this little legacy urged by her mom has helped her navigate grief.
She loves creating colorful rainbow gemstone jewelry pieces, diffuser jewelry to use with essential oils , and earrings made from vintage acrylic beads.


Zero Proof Lush

Jen Olafson

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Fruit & Grain

Emily Lauer

Founded by head baker and owner Emily Lauer in 2018, we specialize in from-scratch pop tarts, galette, pies and savory goodies too. We are a dedicated peanut-free and nut-free bakery, one of very few in the United States! Find our products at a variety of local cafes and businesses throughout the Twin Cities as well as local farmers markets.

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