You and you and you are invited to Tonkadale’s lineup
of spring seminars, events and workshops

We are so excited to present our full line-up of spring events.  It’s gonna be great.  On a side note, has anyone been listening to the Hamilton Musical Mixtape on repeat?  I have and am loving it to the max.  Thank you to my neighbor P for the recommendation!  The best lyrics come from Eliza (wife of Alexander Hamilton): “Look around, look around at how lucky we are to be alive right now.”  Listen to it here (you might have to watch a few ads first; that’s the deal with You Tube)!  One thing the spring line-up of events does not include is a production of Hamilton —  sorry to disappoint.  The following will have to do.  Check it below!

Saturday, February 11th  10:00 am

Hipster Houseplant Seminar

A houseplant runway show with commentary highlighting how to grow, plant and style indoors.  You may see us wearing high-fashion items like cactus tights and clay pot necklaces for the presentation of this seminar!

Commonly referred to as houseplant housing, we have a great selection of containers, baskets, hanging items and pots for all your house plant needs — a ton of new stuff coming in the door every day from here on out.  Besides having the best containers and the bestest plants, we also have the know-how — growing tips, light requirements and watering recommendations.

After the show, staff will be on hand to help you re-pot plants that might need a refresh!  We have the space and the soil to do it.  If you plan to bring in plants from home, please make sure they are bug- and pest-free.  Sharing is not caring!  Also, make sure to wrap them up in plastic to protect them from the cold.  Garbage bags and plastic tubs with lids work great for this!

Saturday, February 18th 8 to 9:30 am

Instagram Meet Up

Calling all #minnstagrammers to @tonkadale!  Meet up and tag your best shot!  Coffee and sweet treats will be served.  Meetup time is 8 to 9:30 a.m.    Terrarium and succulent container demo tables plus giveaways!  Hosted by @mncommunity

Not to worry — you don’t have to be a professional #grammer to join the fun.  Just bring your photo-taking device, grab a refreshment, meet and greet and take a look around.  Snap a shot or two and post to all the social medias.  The best part is seeing all the pics and perspectives from those who attend.

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Saturday, February 25th  10:oo am

Succulent Container Workshop

Create a succulent container to enjoy indoors until the weather gets warm.  Bring your own succulent bowl or purchase one at the store.

In case you didn’t know, Tonkadale has the very best succulents north of a certain latitude.  We have a local grower who propagates these babies and brings them to us when they are all grown up.

This is your opportunity to learn all the names of the succulent families.  There’s a game we play called the ABCs of Succulents.  Always a hit at happy hour!  We teach and then we plant.  Soil, supplies and succulents will be right at your fingertips.  We even clean up the mess.  Isn’t that nice of us?!  We’re happy to do it!

Here we are having a blast at last spring’s Succulent Workshop.

$10.00 + Materials. Soil included in workshop fee.

Saturday, March 4th  10:oo am

Spring Wreath Workshop

Create a spring wreath to enjoy indoors or out using faux flowers and stems.  This is a fun one.

Last year, you guys even inspired us with your combinations.  Our design staff will show a couple of wreath styles and examples.  Each participant will start with a wreath form and then build from there.  We usually suggest that you choose a combination of three items — something light, something chunky and something pod-like.  We always finish with twisty vine.  Twisty vine makes everything better.  It’s a fact.

Take a look at the Spring Wreath Workshop from last year’s session.  Everyone did such a great job!!

$10.00 + Materials

Saturday, March 11th  10:oo am

Terrarium Workshop

Terrarium Workshop at Tonkadale Greenhouse

Create a garden under glass to enjoy indoors.  Bring your own glass container or purchase one at the store.  We will build our terrariums like a layered cake.

  1. Charcoal

  2. Pebbles

  3. Potting Soil

  4. Plants

  5. Moss

My favorite combo includes what is pictured above.  Baby tears in three colors, variegated creeping fig and silver pilea.  You gotta add a hypoestes (polk-a-dot plant) in white or pink or red too.  Then there are those miniature African violets that just whisper to me and I can hardly stand it.  I’ll take one in each color and cuddle them as I fall asleep.  We are here to help you through the whole thing — planting, care, watering and design.

$10.00 + Materials. Soil + charcoal included in workshop fee

Saturday, March 18th 10 am – 3 pm

Edibles Expo

A fun, family-friendly day featuring educational sessions and booths, hands-on projects for all ages.  Food, photo booth and giveaways throughout the day.  Romaine calm and carrot on!  Detailed schedule to follow.  This is going to be great!  The lineup of events has not been finalized just yet, but we can leak the highlights here.

Educational sessions:

Edibles seminar Tonkadale style; herbal remedies, fermentation, growing hops and brewing beer…

Booths and tables:

Soils and amendments, organic fertilizer/remedies, seed starting,  growing and harvesting herbs, plan it/plant it…

Food and fun:

Photo booth, food truck, food sampling, story time…

Hands-on projects:

Micro-greens, herb pots, veggie vow…

Get involved:

Loaves and Fishes Farm for All & ICA Foodshelf Grow and Give

Read about it here

Saturday, March 25  10:oo am

Pansy Party Workshop

Plant a pansy pot for your porch to enjoy outdoors. Great for gardeners of all ages.

Question:  Aren’t those pansy faces so darn cute?

Answer:  They are irresistible and they smell so sweet!

Check out this pre-party pansy video!

$10.00 + Materials. Soil included in workshop fee

Saturday, April 1st  10:oo am

Pollinators and Perennials Seminar

Perennials for Pollinators at Tonkadale Greenhouse

The latest and greatest perennials for pollinators and easy-care perennial basics.  What are your perennial needs?  Buzz worthy?  Nectar rich?  Native? Shade? Deer resistant?  Rabbit resistant (good luck)?  Low maintenance?  Blooms for all seasons? Salt tolerant?  Pretty?  Bring your questions.  We got you (ground) covered!!

Saturday, April 8th  10:oo am

Living Wreath Workshop

Plant a living wreath to transition outdoors using violas, ivy, terrarium plants and herbs.

Start with a wreath form.  You don’t even have to moss it.  Fill with soil (give it a pat, pat, pat), add a little  more soil, water it down, poke and plant.  You can choose cold tolerant plants like ivies, violas, angel vine and cold tolerant herbs and hang it outdoors right away.  OR you can choose to mix up the materials and even go for the succulents.  Just know you will have to transition this style of wreath in and out until the temps are consistently above 45 degrees or so.  Keep the faith, we’ll get there.

Take a look at last year’s Living Wreath Workshop.

$10.00 + Materials, soil included in workshop fee

Saturday, April 15th  10:oo am

Annual, Annual Spectacular Seminar

The latest and greatest, annuals and edibles for containers and pollinators.  Easy care annual basics.

If you know me even a little bit, you know that I LOVE annuals.  My garden is always a healthy mix of all the plant categories, but I have a soft spot for annuals.  Softer than the spot for my husband.  We here at Tonkadale travel the world over, to Ohio and back, to bring you the latest and greatest annuals.

And in case you didn’t know, we are kind of great at container garden combinations, so we can talk about that too.  There is even a way to plant a pretty container garden with just annuals to attract and feed your pollinator friends.  Check out this video for your container preview.

Fairy Garden Friday Workshop

Friday, March 31st & April 14th     10:00 am

Kid-centric workshop in a warm and friendly environment. Create a fairy garden to enjoy indoors.  This workshop is a great way to get the kids out of the house on those non-school days! Bring your own container or purchase one at the store.

Fairy gardening is the gateway to gardening.  4 & 5 year olds are ready to dig in, but will need some help planting and caring for their garden.  8-10 year olds are capable of putting together and following a budget for their fairy garden.

Stepping up on soap box now: Fairy gardening is a great activity for multiple generations to enjoy together.  Fairy garden accessories and plants make great birthday gifts and give kids the opportunity to save their own money for items they would like to add.  Much better than candy and video games.  Stepping off of soap box now.

$10.00 + Materials, soil + moss included in workshop fee

Register for March 31 Fairy Garden Friday


Register for April 14 Fairy Garden Friday


A few notes about our seminars and workshops:

Seminars are always free!  Arrive early for best seating.

Workshops begin with a short, informational session detailing project materials, mechanics and design. Design staff will be available to assist as you create and construct your item in our workshop space.  Here are some additional workshop details:

  • Registration is required for all workshops!
  • The workshop fee is paid upon completion of your project and does not include materials used.
  • Typical materials used are listed on the workshop registration page.
  • No outside plants or accessories, please.
  • Workshop participants always leave with a finished project they can be proud of!

Cheers to making it to the end of this post!  Your reward is another song from Hamilton!  Listen to it here.

See you at Tonkadale,