The trend reports are out! What will we wear? Floral prints, surely. How will we decorate? Minimalistically, at least! Should I paint my kitchen Pantone’s 2017 color of the year, Vibrant Greenery (aka Tonkadale Green)? Of course!

Tonkadale Greenhouse: Gardening trends for 2017In regards to this green, may we just point out we’ve been rocking this look for a while? We like to call it Tonkadale Green. We’d also like to applaud the vision and philosophy of Leatrise Eisemen, executive director of the Pantone Color Institute, in saying “Satisfying our growing desire to rejuvenate and revitalize, Greenery symbolizes the reconnection we seek with nature, one another and a larger purpose.” Here, here! We’re excited for Greenery. After all, it’s been one of our favorites ever since we can remember.

In general, trends are leaning toward wellness, well-being, health, sustainability and simplicity. These buzzwords have permeated all aspects of our lives and culture. Here’s what we think you’ll be seeing more of in the garden world in 2017.


This is going to become increasingly important and popular as people become even more environmentally conscious. With so many options and so little fuss, busy people will continue to find this style of landscaping appealing, and with increased interest will come increased selection at the greenhouses and more landscape designs geared toward being water-wise.

Tonkadale Greenhouse: Gardening trends for 2017

Dwarf shrubs

Like xeriscaping, dwarf shrubs tend to be lower maintenance. Rather than plant a larger variety that needs to be trimmed and tidied, dwarfs stay the size you wish them to be, and are easier to care for since their branches are easier to reach. Here in the land of hydrangeas (Minnetonka is all about these showy shrubs), dwarf hydrangeas will find a happy home.

All things fermented

Kimchi, Kombucha, YUM. Growing your own food will continue to be popular overall. The great thing about this “trend” is it really never goes out of style. It ebbs and flows a bit, but it’s been trending since people have been cultivating their own food. Along with growing your own veggies (container gardening included) and fruit trees and shrubs (smoothies, anyone?) is the rising popularity of fermented foods. Obviously great tasting and, of course, good for you, fermenting is on the upswing.

Tonkadale Greenhouse: Gardening trends for 2017


From kitchen gardens grown just outside your door to kitchen gardens literally growing on the kitchen counter, growing your own is not changing. What is, however, is the incredible array of foods we can now access. From leafy greens that offer a plethora of fun flavors for our tongues, to root vegetables and tomatoes and peppers the likes of which we’ve never experienced, growing your own has never been so much fun. It’s easy, too, thanks to all the info about container gardens, indoors and out.

Indoor plants

This is not so much about an emerging trend but more about how the trend is changing. Continuing on strong, expect interior plants as decor to move toward including more hanging and climbing plants. There are several excellent choices, including Hoyas, Pothos, Ivies, Philodendrons, String of Hearts, String of Pearls (looks particularly cool draping out from an open head planter) and creeping Ficus. Most of these are available now. Others will be here closer to spring.

The other way interior scaping is trending is toward supremely easy-to-care-for plants. Think sansevieria and yucca tree. These plants hardly every need water (too much will kill them) and they are tough as nails. Perfect for busy people on the go who still want to make a statement with green plants in their home (not to mention the health benefits).

Talking about easy – tillandsias are a must. They don’t even need soil! Just soak in water for about 15 minutes once a week. Succulents will also continue to be popular. Again, easy care and sculptural.

All things local

From locally sourced food (CSAs, farmers markets, what you trade with your neighbors, growing your own edibles) and supporting local businesses, local is on the rise. Growing natives continues to see increasing interest, too, as our local pollinators are becoming more well-known.

Tonkadale Greenhouse: Gardening trends for 2017

Indoors out

We’ll continue to see a rise in bringing the indoors out. Given our short summers, it may seem odd to some across the country that we put so much into our outdoor living spaces. As Minnesotans, however, we understand the importance of spending every last second of outdoor living we can, and snow doesn’t necessarily stop us from outdoor life.

There will be more trends to emerge as the year progresses, to be sure. These seven are enough to get us thinking spring and how to refresh our homes, and are a much-needed distraction on these blustery, cold days.