The one and only Adele

Tonkadale hosted its first-ever Hipster Houseplant Runway show on Saturday, February 11th!  Rumor has it Adele was the guest MC, but was only able to make an appearance for a short time as she had an obligation the following evening.  Upon her departure from the Tonkadale helipad, she said something about the Grammys.  We’re thinking she was off to celebrate her grandmother’s birthday or something.  She looked stunning in her green dress which was right on point.

In the opening monologue, our hostess with the mostess highlighted a few of the benefits of having houseplants in the home:

  • Megan with a fiddle leaf fig

    Megan with a fiddle leaf fig

    Plants filter and freshen the air we breathe, getting rid of toxins and allergens.

  • Plants smell good.
  • Looking at plants has proven to increase happiness in humans.
  • Taking care of plants creates routine.
  • Success in growing plants is rewarding.
  • Plants boost creativity.
  • Plant people are nice people, funny people and smart people.
  • Plants improve concentration, memory and even sleep.
  • Plants add accent, ambiance and structure to a room.
  • Plants are a great gift or you can keep them for yourself!
  • Plants make you look cool because they are super on trend right now.
Houseplants are back at Tonkadale Greenhouse

Houseplants are back and so are flouncy skirts!

The format of the runway show was quite similar to our regular seminars, but instead of standing on stage and talking at you, we rolled out the green, red carpet and modeled all of the stylized plants for you to ogle up close!  We covered all the basics from potting soils (did you know that a bag of potting soil has a lot of useful information on it?) and fertilizer (N-P-K: supporting growth up-down-all around) and watering (leave those succulents and cacti alone) and light requirements (bright light, indirect light and low light).

It’s useful to have a cactus sweater in your closet for any occasion and it pairs well with garden boots and a garden hat.  It’s also useful to know how to pair plants and containers.

Gina with an assortment of terrarium plants

Gina with an assortment of terrarium plants

We’re breaking all the rules and mixing baskets with cement and galvanized buckets in all shapes and sizes.  Wood containers pair well with glass and ceramics.  Also now acceptable is mixing all of those metallics up.  You no longer have to be loyal to just gold or brass or copper.  Brown goes with black, black goes with navy blue and navy goes with green.

Mix up the height assortment of your plants.  Think high, medium and low or tall and short.  I always tend to go high, back left and low, front right.  That’s how I assort my plants at home, plant my containers and make my children pose for family photos.  It’s kind of like putting your left shoe on before your right or having the toilet paper flap up and over.  These are just the facts of life.

Free hugs

Free hugs

Round of applause and standing ovation for our plant models.  This was an event that took major staging and participation.  It was a group effort to pull this off.  And now a few thank yous:

To the facilities team for getting the place all ship-shape and spiffed-up — Thank you!

To the greenhouse team for caring for the plants so meticulously — Thank you!

To the design team for your creativity, styling and inspiration — Thank you!

To the cashier team for your selfless care of our wonderful customers — Thank you!

To our customers who are plant people, the best kind of people.  We couldn’t do what we love to do without you — Thank you!

Roll in the deep cut, cut-off music

And finally, thanks to anyone we forgot to mention.  Muah!

Instagram Meetup Saturday

See you at Tonkadale this Saturday for our first ever Instagram Meetup.

Saturday, February 18th
8:00 am – 9:30 am
Calling all #minstagrammers! Meet up and tag your best shot @tonkadale in #minnetonka with coffee by @tinyfootprintcoffee and sweet treats by Great Harvest Minnetonka. Terrarium and succulent container demo tables plus giveaways. This is a kid and dog friendly event. Hosted by @mncommunity. #planttheplanet

The intended audience of this event is in fact Instagram users. However, all are welcome.  You, you and you are specifically invited!

See you at Tonkadale!