Pollinator Day was just a week ago, but it doesn’t stop there.  Pollinator Day is a movement, an idea and a way of life.  Pollinators are with us every day moving around genetic material — the stuff of life.  The power of pollination has lasting implications not only for human life, but for the balance and stability of life as we know it.  While the plight of pollinators is of high importance, and very serious, and sci-ency, and highly debated, even political and overwhelming, we got this and it can be fun!  Here’s the deal — all we are asking you to do it to plant plants.

Drop the mic!

Record scratch.


This what we learned at Pollinator Day:

  • Pollinator Friendly Gardening with author and Minneapolis gardener Rhonda Fleming Hayes.
  • The impact of neonicitinoids on foraging bees with Vera Krischik, entomologist at the University of Minnesota.
  • The monarch butterfly life cycle with Butterfly Jane

The Monarch Life Cycle

 This is what we ate:

Fro Yo Soul

Fro Yo Soul

This is what the kids were up to:

  • Story time with Kia from the Wayzata Library.
  • Color your commitment — take the Pollinator Pledge.
  • Face painting with our very favorite friend Cheryl.
  • Flower stamp tea towels.
  • Clothes pin pollinators with Happi, host of the Happi House.
  • Being fabulous at the photo booth!

Photo Booth

Photo Booth

 This is what we experienced:

Pollinate MN and the MN Hobby Beekeepers Association taught us about the importance of raising bees right here in Minnesota.  They brought their hives and suits.  The life of a honey bee is absolutely essential, magical and fascinating.

Midwest Groundcovers showcased their favorite native plants for pollinators while Botanical Interests demonstrated the ease of sowing wildflower seeds directly into the landscape. Plants and seeds available for purchase at Tonkadale!

Humming for Bees, a local advocacy group that supports “Bee-Safe” gardens, invited visitors to “Change the world one flower at a time”!  Thanks in part to these wise volunteers, new legislation is moving through the ranks of local and state government to keep bees and other pollinators safe!

Tonkadale experts set up shop and provided interactive activities and information on pollinators and our food, pollinator places in your own back yard, the secret life of hummingbirds, and beneficial insects including knowing the difference between the goodies and the baddies in the garden.

The University of Minnesota Master Gardeners were on hand to answer any and all garden-related questions.  Thank you for your unending gardening experience and enthusiasm!

The most special sight of all was a monarch butterfly emerging from its chrysalis for a live audience.  An absolute mystery and miracle at the same time.

A newly emerged monarch

A newly emerged monarch

At Tonkadale, we welcome your pollinator plant questions and discussions, not only on Pollinator Day, but every day.  Plant plants.  It’s important.

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