Happy New Year!  No, this blog post is not going to be a year in review or a diatribe about all the resolutions you should be or could be making.  Gotta be honest here.  At Tonkadale Greenhouse, we are so off the hook for New Year’s resolutions.

Our year end is not for a couple more months and this sets us up for a time period that I like to call “January Projects.”  As a team, we decide what we want to accomplish before busy spring hits us.  These projects include building, painting, routine maintenance, learning new skills and finding ways to move forward as an organization.  I can’t tell you exactly what our projects are, but I bet you will notice us working away in the greenhouse this winter if you come for a visit. And you will certainly notice a few when you shop in the spring.  Intrigue piqued!  What are your January projects?

At home, my January project routine includes packing away the Christmas decorations, completing returns, writing thank you notes, and cleaning out all the drawers, closets and cupboards.  This is a very freeing and feeling, but at the same time there is a bit of emptiness — in the physical spaces and in my mind.  The last two months have been crushingly busy and the house was full of stuff and food and guests and gifts.  Now what?  It’s time to get back into our old routines and freshen up our spaces. The best way I know how to do this is with plants!  How obvious.

Now on to the actual point of this blog.  New year, new plants!  Do we all know the benefits of having plants in the house?  If not, let’s review.

  • Plants filter and freshen the air we breathe, getting rid of toxins and allergens.
  • Plants smell good.
  • Looking at plants has proven to increase happiness in humans.
  • Taking care of plants creates routine.
  • Success in growing plants is very rewarding. There is personal satisfaction in this.
  • Plants boost creativity.
  • Plant people are nice people, funny people and smart people (okay, I may have made this up).
  • Plants improve concentration and memory.
  • Plants make you look cool because they are super on trend right now.
  • Plants add accent, ambiance and structure to your indoor spaces.
  • Plants are great gifts for yourself and others.

These a few new and unusual plants that we are wholeheartedly loving on right now at Tonkadale.  We’ll even tell you how to take care of them!

Bird of Paradise

So elegant and peaceful.  Love bright light and can tolerate being more on the wet side.  Just enjoy the foliage.  It takes a couple years for this one to bloom.

Bird of Paradise at Tonkadale Greenhouse

Bird of Paradise


My all time favorite plant!  This is the greatest combination of color and structure and archiness ever.  Bright light to lower light.  On the dry side or the wet side.  Tolerance is this plants MO.  Plant them solo or combine in a grouping, you can even mix up the colors.  Also one of the best outdoor container plants for shade evah!

Bromeliad at Tonkadale Greenhouse


 Fiddle Leaf Fig

Can’t get enough of this one and they are hard to get your hands on!  We have a crop of many dozen right now, so get them while they are hot — and available.  We even have some 6-footers!  Bright light and even watering will add to your success with this plant.

Fiddle Leaf Fig at Tonkadale Greenhouse

Fiddle Leaf Fig

Selaginella Moss

Also known as club moss, which isn’t as hard to say and doesn’t sound like a strange disease.  Great for a terrarium or extra-humid place.  Bright, indirect light.  Don’t let this guy dry out.  Can be divided easily.  Plop little 4-inch plants in containers down the center of the table for and easy centerpiece.

Selaginella moss at Tonkadale Greenhouse

Selaginella Moss

Orchid Cactus

This one is a bit out there, but when it blooms, you might just be tempted to shout it from the mountainside because it is so fabulous.  These can hang or sit and are actually easy to divide and propagate.  Let dry between watering.  Blooms in shades of pink, peach, yellow or white.

Orchid Cactus at Tonkadale Greenhouse

Orchid Cactus


My second favorite plant.  I have had a large one of these in my low-light living room for a couple of years and can count on my fingers and toes the number of times I have watered it which is hardly ever.  Still as handsome as ever, and anchoring the right side of the living room window like the stately statue that it is!

Sansaveria at Tonkadale Greenhouse


Staghorn Fern

Plant it or mount it.  This prehistoric fern is so weird, it’s cool.  Silvery-grey foliage is a great contrast to green-on-green.

Staghorn at Tonkadale Greenhouse

Staghorn Fern


The big and spiky ones or the little spiky ones.  The lowest of the low watering requirements.  Plant in cactus or succulent soil and just let them be.  A tip from the pros: oven mitts and tongs come in handy when handling these guys.

Cactus at Tonkadale Greenhouse


Air Plants

The just like to sit in a vessel either setting about or hanging in the air.  Just soak them for 5 minutes once per week.  You can do it.  It’s fun and they bloom.

Air plants at Tonkadale Greenhouse

Air plants


Slow-growing and tolerant of low light and dry soil.  It even flowers with these cute, waxy pink flowers that are sort of the same shape as a lantana flower.  Many different leaf sizes and textures to enjoy, and it trails or climbs.

Hoya at Tonkadale Greenhouse



Still trending after all this time.  Bright light and low, low get lower watering requirements.  Mix and match the silvers and blues and purple leaf colors with different structures or just plant one of a kind.  Either is acceptable, either is ultra cool.

Succulents at Tonkadale Greenhouse


Yucca Tree

As seen on Instagram (ASOI)!  The hottest new floor plant to hit the deck since the fiddle leaf fig.  This easy-care plant can take low light and dry out.  What a dream.  And it grows up and down rather than archy so it fits in tighter spaces.

Take a look around your indoor spaces.  Take a stroll through Tonkdale this winter.  We offer free sunshine on sunny days and re-potting services all year long.  Cheers to a happy and healthy 2017 where you reap all the benefits that plants have to offer.  Plant plants — you will be glad you did.

Yucca at Tonkadale Greenhouse


See you at Tonkadale.