Grow & Give Gardens Provide Fresh Produce for All

Posted by Jessie Jacobson on Nov 24th 2021

This Thanksgiving Tonkadale is celebrating another successful year of Grow & Give Donation Gardens. We recognize and appreciate the contributions and work of all the gardeners and volunteers who collaborate with the Grow & Give program. At Tonkadale we believe that gardening enriches lives, the community, and the environment. We are proud of these partnerships that increase access to fresh, whole foods in our community.

Tonkadale is committed to supporting community donation gardens and in 2015 started the Grow & Give Garden program. We partner with local, nonprofit and community organizations that plant and tend to the gardens. Tonkadale donates seeds, fruit and vegetable plants, and herbs. The gardens are organized and managed by various groups and volunteers within the community in their spaces. The fresh produce is then donated to local food shelves.

2021 Highlights

  • Tonkadale partnered with six community gardens and donated over $2,250 in seeds and starter plants including fruits, vegetables, companion flowers, and herbs.
  • Donation gardens grew tomatoes, broccoli, eggplant, squash, onions, celery, peppers, cauliflower, green beans, beets, pumpkins, cucumbers, watermelon, kale, Swiss chard, cabbage, kohlrabi, potatoes, and more!
  • Companion plantings included zinnias, marigolds, sunflowers, and other flowering plants to attract bees, beneficial insects, and pollinators.
  • The gardens are located around the community next to churches, a school courtyard, in a neighborhood and managed by volunteers, teens, students, and clergy members.
  • 7,500 lbs. of fresh produce were donated to the ICA Food Shelf, WeCan, and Every Meal
  • Gardens range from small plots to extensive with irrigation and fencing installed.

To our partners - The Gardens at St. Therese, Minnetonka High School, Surly Gives A Damn, Mount Calvary Church, Spirit of Peace Church, and Our Savior’s Congregation we THANK YOU for your partnership, hard work, and service. We are delighted to sharing our passion for growing wonderful things and community service. We look forward to seeing you next spring!

If you are a gardener who wants to “Grow-A-Row” for donation, please contact the ICA Food Shelf or your local food shelf for directions on how to donate. If you are part of a nonprofit or community organization that would like to participate in our 2022 Grow & Give Garden program, please contact Kelly at

Speaking of KELLY! A special thank you to Kelly for coordinating the Grow and Give Gardens. Your care and attention to detail make this all possible! YOU are amazing and we appreciate you.