Posted by Aaron Barton on Jun 21st 2022

June 22, 2022


A true garden staple, perennial Salvia blooms are a sure sign that summer is here, offering a versatile pop of color sure to brighten up sunny plantings. Salvia nemorosa (SAL-vee-uh nem-or-OH-suh), with square stems and scented foliage characteristic of the mint family, Lamiaceae, is native to a large span of central Europe and western Asia. Referred to as woodland sage or blue sage, perennial Salvia’s species epithet, nemorosa, translates to “of woods” in relation to where the plant was first discovered.

Blooming most abundantly from late spring through early summer, perennial Salvia produce numerous tall spikes composed of many small showy flowers, ranging in color from blues to pinks and purples, as well as white. Following their initial summer performance, Salvia may begin to lay down and lean, but don’t fret, another show is just around the corner. After blooming, trim spent blooms back to the nearest set of new buds to encourage another flush of color. With deadheading and pruning as needed, Salvia will continue to provide you with beauty and color all season long, so don’t be afraid to bring out the pruners and give your plants a little rejuvenating summer haircut. Thankfully, their coarse leaf texture and scented foliage will also make sure that you are the only one trimming your Salvia back--not your local deer and rabbit population.

Preferring moist, well-drained soils in areas of full sun and drought tolerant once established, Salvia are excellent for sunny borders, cottage gardens, pollinator gardens, rock gardens, and are stunning when planted in mass plantings or used for cut flower arrangements. Mature plants range in size from one to two feet in width and one to three feet in height, available in a wide range of sizes and appearances, such as the tall royal purple blooms and dark stems of ‘Caradonna,’ the compact size and bright pink flowers of ‘Rose Marvel’ or blue flowers of ‘Blue Marvel,’ or the moderately sized, dense pink blooms of ‘Apex Pink.’ With the endless varieties and versatility of Salvia, you are bound to find at least a few fantastic varieties of this classic perennial that will be right at home in your garden space.

Happy planting!