Garden Phlox

Garden Phlox

Posted by Aaron Barton on Jul 10th 2022

July 11th, 2022


Offering a beautiful diversity of size, color, and habit, Phlox are the perfect problem-solving perennials sure to brighten up even the toughest areas of the garden. Largely native to North America in areas ranging from harsh tundra to woodland and prairie spaces, Phlox, of the Jacob’s Ladder family Polemoniaceae, are wonderfully hardy, abundantly blooming garden staples. Those most commonly used in the landscape are cultivars of garden phlox and moss/creeping phlox.

Phlox paniculata (floks pan-ick-yoo-LAY-tuh), or garden phlox, are exceptional upright clump-forming plants blooming large, showy panicles of sweetly fragrant blooms that serve as excellent nectar sources for hummingbirds, butterflies, and other local pollinators. Preferring rich, well-drained soils in areas of full or partial sun, garden phlox feature opposite pairs of deep green, lanceolate leaves creating a lush upright grouping in the garden. Maturing to 18-48” tall and 12-36” wide depending on variety, garden phlox are perfect for many applications including tall garden backdrops, low sunny borders, cottage gardens, foundation plantings, and more. Typically blooming from mid-summer to mid-fall, garden phlox are available in numerous colors including the tall, classic white blooms of ‘David,’ petite size and vibrant purple blooms of ‘Flame Pro Violet Charme,’ mid-sized bicolor purple and white blooms of ‘Sweet Summer Fantasy,’ and tall purple bicolor blooms of ‘Laura,’ among many other selections.

Phlox subulata (floks suh-bew-LAY-tuh), also known as creeping phlox or moss phlox, are excellent spring-blooming sunny groundcover perennials, blooming profusely from mid to late spring in numerous shades of pinks and blues, including the unique pink and white striped flowers of ‘Candy Stripe,’ soft blue blooms of ‘Emerald Blue,’ bright pink-crimson flowers of ‘Red Wings’ and many others. Forming a low, dense mat of moss-like green foliage of up to 6” tall and preferring well-drained soils in areas of full sun, creeping phlox is an abundant spring bloomer perfect for spilling over retaining walls, lining pathways, and creating a lush green carpet as a sunny, drought tolerant groundcover in sunny beds and rock gardens.

Happy planting!