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Join us for Pollinator Day 2017!

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Free!  We had so much fun at Pollinator Day 2016, we’ve decided to do it again.

Join us for an entire day dedicated to pollinators, one of our greatest resources.  Great for ages 1- 101!

Download the 2016 flyer (PDF)

Here’s what we did in 2016.

Tonkadale Greenhouse Pollinator Day July 17: Bee in flowerThe Incentives

Enjoy 20% off select pollinator-friendly plants all day! Honey-themed refreshments available throughout the day!

Scheduled sessions

Pollinator Seminar and book signing

Heather Holm, a local expert on native pollinators and plants, will discuss Gardening for Bees and Butterflies.

Pollinator Storytime

This interactive, pollinator-themed, story time will include stories, songs and movement!

Jake’s Street Grille Food Truck

Jake’s has created a dish that highlights honey just for us!  Mini Honey BBQ pulled pork sandwiches served with coleslaw and fries!

All-day activities

Color your Commitment: Take the Pollinator Pledge

Display your pledge on our pollinator wall.  Take a selfie, and share your commitment!

Tonkadale Greenhouse Pollinator Day July 17: Monarch on butterfly plantPollinator Habitats

Easy, hands-on projects you can do at home to create pollinator habitats in your own yard.

Plan It, Plant It

Gather information to plan, plant and execute your pollinator-friendly garden.

Education and exhibits

Pollinate MN

Observe a hive of live bees, sample honey, try on beekeeping suits (don’t forget to take selfies!)

Bell Museum

Learn about a honey bee’s life cycle, how flowers are pollinated, and how bees contribute to our food supply.

Humming for Bees

Members will present the latest bee research and provide insights on how to garden safely with bees in mind.

Raising Monarchs

Learn how to raise and release Monarch butterflies.

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