We heart containers

Posted by Jessie Jacobson on May 3rd 2018

When you first walk into Tonkadale, you are greeted by the seasonal arbor. This is where we present what our customers should be doing either inside or outside their home, depending on the season. On any given day in May, you are surrounded by hundreds on container gardens waiting to be claimed. Containers gardens tell a color story. These stories are inspired by trends. This is what we are seeing for 2018: Coleus foliage Foliage first – this is the back bone of your container. Specimen foliage Specimen foliage – big single plants in pots. begonia foliage Cool silver foliage for sun or shade is hot for 2018. Philodendron Indoor plants outdoors. Succulents in containers Cactus and succulents of every shape and size. Well, we hope your shoes are tied, cause we 'bout to knock your socks off with seven simple container garden recipes for sun and shade!

Shade or morning sun

shade container An easy place to start with a shade container is with a fern, an ivy and a begonia. This recipe will take you places you have never gone before. Shown here:
  • Rex begonia, fedor
  • Megawatt begonia bronze leaf, red flower
  • Colorama dracaena spike
  • Neon pothos and on the backside:
Shade container back
  • a mother fern.
Mix and match these few elements and no two combos will be the same!

A window box for full sun

full sun container
  • Up top - Carex, Grass Toffee Twist seated next to coleus Henna
  • Geranium, Savanah Oh So Orange
  • Geranium, fancy leaf Mrs. Pollack
  • Petunia, Amore Queen of Hearts
  • And down in front, Doreanthus Me Too along side Lemon Coral sedum
full sun container side Take a look at that side profile!

Shade or indirect, bright light

shade container with ficus
  • Loved by hipsters the world over – Ficus lyrata
  • Three bros – that is bromeliads
  • Three variegated Algerian ivy
  • Three bird’s nest ferns
  • And hard to see, but not for long, three spider plants
  • Talk about a throw back! Then again, is any plant really ever OUT of style? Not in MY look book!
Let’s zoom in… shade container with ficus

Featured in the giant white bowling balls

White containers with flowers
  • A #2 Mandevilla – pretty pink
  • Geranium, Sarita Punch
  • Lantana Lemon Zest
  • The one two punch, silver star and lemon licorice
  • And the knock-out – Petunia Crazytunia black mamba
White containers with flowers All winners on the podium here.

For a hot sunny location

Containers with flowers
  • #1 bouganvilla purple queen
  • Repeated all the way around the pot three times – Petunia ray purple, Lantana Samantha and Coleus Chocolate drop!
  • E-Z-P-Z lantana squeezy!

Can’t stop, won’t stop! For full sun

Containers with flowers
  • Cypress, Baby Tut – this one won’t eat your house
  • Geranium, Americana Pink
  • Coleus Dark Star and Great falls Angel
  • Asparagus fern – the little black dress of container design
  • And a few Alumia orange marigolds for a little punch of color

Lastly, but not leastly – for morning sun

morning sun containers
  • # 1 Jasmine – smells soooo good. I put this in containers near my back door, it’s a good thing I love my job or I might not make it off my back steps every day.
  • Bromeliad – a yellow one
  • Lemon lime dracaena
  • Begonia, baby wing white
  • And bringing up the rear – a white and green Pteris fern.
morning sun container
Plant the planet… And see you at Tonkadale!