Vegetables and fruits at Tonkadale

Posted by tonka_admin on Apr 19th 2014

Tonkadale Greenhouse supports ICA: Your local foodshelfAfter a disappointing vegetable growing season in 2013 and a longer than long winter, aren’t we all ready to dig into the vegetable garden? Whether you’re an experienced veteran or just a beginner, we can all unite behind the goal of fresh, homegrown produce. Tonkadale’s veggie list is growing every year. Check out what we have planned for the produce section this season. Tonkadale also participates in the Grow and  Give Program. If you have a small family or really like to grow things, you can contribute your extra produce to the ICA Food Shelf.

2014 fruit and vegetable varieties at Tonkadale

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Vegetable Varieties
Asparagus Jersey Giant,  Mary Washington, Purple Passion
Beet Bull's Blood
Blueberry Blueray,  Brunswick,  Chandler,  Chippewa Northblue, Patriot
Broccoli Pac Man
Brussels sprouts Long Island Improved
Cabbage Osaka Mix
Cauliflower Snowball
Celery Giant Pascal
Cucumber Burpless, Bush Pickle, Homemade Pickle, Straight Eight,  English
Eggplant Black Bell, Casper, Fairy Tale, Millionaire
Lettuce Arugula, Mesculan Mix, Mixed Lettuces
Garlic Bulbs Assorted bulbs available in the fall
Kale Dinosaur,  Red Bor, Star Bor
Kohlrabi Kossak Hybrid
Muskmelon Early Hanover
Onion sets Red, White, Yellow (Spanish)
Peppers Anaheim,  California Wonder, Cayenne — Long Red, Chile Grande, Chocolate Bell, Garden Salsa, Golden Bell, Habanero, Hungarian Sweet Banana, Jalapeno, Orange King, Pablano, Pritivit, Red Beauty, Redskin, Serrano, Super Hungarian Hot, Tabasco, Thai Hot, Wisconsin Lakes
Potato (seed) Kennebec White, Red Pontiac, Red Viking, Russet Burbank, Yukon Yellow
Raspberry Blackhawk, Fall Gold, Heritage, Latham, September
Rhubarb Crimson Cherry, Victoria
Spinach Malabar
Squash — Summer Delicata, Yellow Summer Golden Dawn
Squash — Winter Acorn Table Ace, Buttercup, Butternut
Strawberry Everbearing, Ft. Laramie, Guardian, Honeoye, Junebearing, Ogallala, Red Chief, Surecrop
Swiss Chard 5 Color Silver Beet
Tomatillo Tome Verde
Tomato Beefmaster, Better Boy, Big Boy, Celebrity, Cherries Jubilee, Cupid, Early Girl, Fresh Salsa, Health Kick, Jubilee, Mega Bite, Patio (good for containers), Red Cherry Large, Riesentraube, Roma, Sugary (Grape), Super Fantastic, Sweet 100, Sweet Gold, Sweet Seedless, Tumbler (good for hanging baskets), Yellow Pear
Tomato — Heirloom Black Prince, Brandywine,  Cherokee Purple, Crnkkovic Yugoslavian, Green Zebra, Mortgage Lifter,  Moskvich, San Marzano, Striped German, Thessalonika
Watermelon Sweet Favorite
Zucchini Aristocrat,  Cocozelle