To Our Photographers

Posted by Megan Nichols on Sep 13th 2019

We had a beautiful spring and summer, and now we’re ready to welcome in Fall and hunker down in the greenhouse! We’re not too broken up about it, after all, things are green and growing, the air feels tropical, and it smells like dirt. It’s like spring all the time!

Looking back on the season we’re enjoying all the amazing photos you’ve taken here and shared with us. As everyone heads indoors, we know we’re a prime location for taking photos (we love this!) so now is a good time to recap our photography policy.  Tonkadale is happy to accommodate photographers in our retail space in support of our mission to enrich lives by creating plant-inspired experiences as we connect everyone to beautiful spaces.

Whether you are a professional, IG enthusiast or influencer, friend or family member of someone celebrating a special event, or anyone with a love for plant and people photography, we want you to know you’re welcome to take photos at Tonkadale! Thank you for choosing us, thank you for sharing us with your audience, and dare we say – we make each other look good!

To schedule a photo shoot for professional projects, please read the following guidelines and complete an application.

Keep aisles clear. While taking photos or setting up, be sure to be respectful of customers and work activities. Please allow people to pass by and be sure everyone is prepared to step aside and out of the way.

Keep clothing changes appropriate. Please be respectful of customers and use the restroom to change clothes in between sets. Be mindful of restroom time should you need a changing area – we only have two. Wear shoes and appropriate clothing at all times. Keep all props and personal belongings out of the way of shoppers and work activities.

Share our beautiful spaces with everyone. If you love a certain space for taking photos, chances are everyone else does, too. Be sure to allow everyone a chance to get the best shot in the best space by spending just a few minutes and then moving on. You can always circle back around for more. Do not take photos of random people without their permission.  

Help everyone stay safe. Do not climb ladders, stand on benches, display pieces and tables, or ride on shopping carts. Keep children in sight at all times. Keep animals on a leash and all times. No alcoholic beverages unless they are sealed.

Let’s keep things looking nice. You work hard setting up props “just so” to make the perfect photo, and we work hard making display spaces fun, fresh, and focused for all of our guests. Feel free to use plants and pots to create the perfect photo. We just ask that you put everything back where you found it. Displays are different – our designers are artists and their work should be left intact with the exception of removing items in order to make a purchase. So if it’s in a display, please leave it there.  

Carpool. You like each other, right? Why not ride together? Our parking lot is small, and for some it is physically difficult if they must park on the street and walk a long distance to the greenhouse. Please gauge the amount of space in the lot when choosing where to park. The park and ride on Minnetonka Boulevard (just across from the church) is an easy meeting spot and not too far from the greenhouse.  

Tell your friends. Tell others about how fun taking photos inside the greenhouse is, show them the beautiful spaces and inspire them to create their own photos by posting on social. Don’t forget to tag us! We love your photos!

Public images and social media. Venue credit and location tags are required for all digital images used on social media platforms, blog posts, websites and in print materials for distribution. You can easily find Tonkadale on Facebook and Instagram.

Hours and availability

Photo shoots must occur during regular business hours. Fill out our photography application here so we can have your official badge waiting!

We love what you create, we welcome photographers, amateur and professional and businesses as well. Let’s all work together to create an enjoyable experience for everyone.

Click here to view our Photography Policy and Application.