silver dollar plant

silver dollar plant

Posted by Megan Nichols on Mar 12th 2020

Xerosicyos danguyi (Dollar Vine, Penny Plant)

Add architectural interest just by adding this plant to your collection. This climbing vine has cylinder-like stems and unique flat, circle-shaped leaves that give it its common name of the Silver Dollar plant. It’s interesting as a table top plant or in a hanging basket. Given proper care this easy-to-grow succulent will last for years to come.


This plant will do best in direct or very bright light. It will do OK in medium light, but will probably stretch toward the light a little. 


This is a drought tolerant desert plant, so it doesn’t need much water. Check weekly for water needs in the summer, though you may only water a couple times a month. In winter, the plant will only need enough water to keep it’s leaves from shriveling. Check weekly for soil moisture, and water when the top few inches of soil is dry. Too much will cause root rot. Don’t water on cool, overcast days or when very humid. Allow plant to dry between watering.


Plant in succulent or cactus soil, or amend regular potting soil and amend to improve drainage. Adding sand or perlite will help lighten up the soil.


This plant can handle extreme heat, but prefers to be a dry heat.


Silver Dollar vine doesn’t need much fertilizer, and not very often. During active growth, fertilize with a balanced fertilizer once a month. No need to fertilize in winter.

For the Love of Plants

Treat Silver Dollar Plant as you would any other succulent (be sure not to love it death – don’t overwater it) and you’ll enjoy it’s unique look for a long time.