Plant a Fall Container Garden

Posted by Jessie Jacobson on Sep 21st 2016

It was a beautiful fall day at Tonkadale, and we had a great turnout for our Fall Container Gardening Workshop.  Everyone went home with the fall container of their dreams!  In this blog/vlog we have all the need-to-know information for you to plant your fall containers at home.  (Please note: we are plant people, not video production people.  Things that plug in scare us, so hang tight while we practice this video thing and work out all the kinks.  Just saying!) Fall equals mums!  They are frost tolerant, sturdy and tell the fall color story long into November. Check out this video for all you need to know about selecting the right mum for your container. While fall really is all about those mums, there are many other frost tolerant and interesting plants that can be planted alongside mums. The equation goes like this: mums + grasses + kale = fall container Everything else is extra credit! Frost-tolerant plants by Tonkadale Greenhouse Check out this video to learn more about fall container garden plants. Planting your fall container should simple and fun.  Fall is a beautiful season, and it’s also easier.  There are less plants to choose from, but the reward comes from all the beautiful color, texture and foliage.  One of our seminar participants in action in our workshop space!  Great technique!! Tonkadale Greenhouse seminar participant in our workshop space Check out this video to see us planting a container at 6x the normal speed! The finished fall container features:
  • Mum Five Alarm Red
  • Grass Carex Toffee Twist
  • Dinosaur Kale
  • Algerian Ivy
  • Feathers, permanent leaves and a pumpkin on a stick
Thanks to all who attended our Fall Container Workshop.  You were all A+ students who earned extra credit. workshop participant with finished fall container 2 workshop participant with finished fall container See you at Tonkadale! #planttheplanet If you are interested in binge watching all three videos (including outtakes) – check it out here!