Landscape with easy perennials

Posted by tonka_admin on Aug 21st 2015

Low maintenance and big rewards – sound good so far? How about great for mass planting to enhance the landscape? Here you go! Hosta captitata at Tonkadale Greennouse Both ornamental and reliable, hostas and daylilies are two garden staples that are easy to grow and are great additions to the landscape. Another important landscape staple is shrubs. While some are strictly ornamental, others have the added benefit of being edible for birds and humans both, or are great for creating a hedge, such as the currant shrub.


Hostas are popular shade perennials, and for good reason. They are cold hardy, extremely easy to grow, and don’t require much attention while providing season-long interest. Most hostas are grown for their foliage. Some, such as Fragrant Bouquet, are also grown for their flower scent. Whether your garden space is large or small, there is a hosta or a few for you. Hostas prefer to be grown in part to full shade. They are fairly drought tolerant, but do best with moderate watering. The bloom stalks appear in early summer and can be left to bloom or cut off if they are not to your gardening tastes. The only thing left to think about is which one to grow! Hosta Funkia babkowata by Tonkadale Greenhouse If a large hosta fits the bill, try Empress Wu (4 feet tall, 4 to 5 feet wide) or Sum and Substance (3 feet tall, 5 to 6 feet wide). If a cute, tiny hosta is required, go for Blue Mouse Ears (up to 1 foot tall and wide) – adorable! Or, pick one out just because it has a great name and beautiful foliage. How about Popcorn, Rainforest Sunrise, T-Rex, or Cherry Berry? Tonkadale carries around 50 varieties – bet you’ll find one that is the perfect addition to your landscape.


Daylily flowers really do bloom for only one day, but many varieties keep producing blooms so you don’t even notice each fleeting flower. Daylilies are common, but impressive, garden staples due to their ability to handle winter salt spray and drought conditions. Repeat bloomers include Happy Returns, Stella de Oro, Ruby Stella, Purple de Oro, Little Business, and Going Bananas, to name a few. And, though it’s not a repeat bloomer, any garden would benefit from the beautiful Prairie Blue Eyes with its pretty purple petals with a pale yellow throat. Plant daylilies in full or part sun and water moderately throughout the first season. After that, they’ll practically take care of themselves. Try them next to the mailbox, in a boulevard garden, or as a backdrop to sedum.


Need some shrubbery? How about adding a currant shrub to your current landscaping? This quick-growing shrub (generally reaching 5 to 6 feet tall and wide) is great alone or as a mass planting to create a hedge. Autumn berries are edible, and birds enjoy them. Humans like them too if they are baked into pies or made into sauces and jams. Whether the garden is in sun or shade, these perennials are rewarding and make gardening and landscaping easy.