houseplants help keep us healthy

houseplants help keep us healthy

Posted by Megan Nichols on Mar 29th 2020

Hey Plant Family!

The current state of affairs has us feeling anxious, uncomfortable, and out of control. Yet, we remain positive that we will endure, are dedicated to a brilliant future, and remain grateful for the resources we have. We all feel like we need some normalcy and a bright spot in our day. We find relaxation and solace as we turn to tending our plants. They boost our spirits and our health and leave us feeling refreshed as we work with and around them. Our plants (and also our love for plants, innate talent, and wit) are likely the main reason we are so motivated, productive, and creative. While we navigate uncharted waters, we continue to enjoy the variety of benefits plants have to offer, and vow to continue our mission: to enrich lives by creating plant-inspired experiences.

Need some joy and want to destress? Here’s how plants can help.

Decrease Air Pollution

The air inside our homes and offices contain carbon dioxide as well as toxins from furniture, paint, plastic items, and more. Plants help remove these harmful toxins and make the air healthier for our lungs and skin.  

Increase Humidity

Winter air is dry and damaging to our skin and can irritate our throats. Plants increase humidity and help relieve this discomfort.

Boost Mental Health

Anyone who grows and nurtures houseplants can feel the difference in having something green and growing in their space. Studies show interacting with indoor plants is both physically and mentally beneficial. Caring for indoor plants in the home after a stressful day at work promotes mental well-being. Plus, incorporating plants into the office space can improve mental health and mental function. Being able to view and care for plants decreases stress, increases productivity and creativity, helps us focus, and improves memory retention.

If you’re working from home this week, move some plants into your office space and gaze at the greenery when your eyes need a break from the screen.

Happy houseplanting!