Holiday decorating: Dress up your home

Posted by tonka_admin on Dec 6th 2014

One of the joys of the holiday season is dressing up your home, indoors and outdoors, to celebrate. You don't have to be Clark Griswold and cover your home with lights - just a few strings will do. Hang a wreath on the door, then place a couple of spruce top pots on the porch to welcome your guests. Once they get inside, they'll appreciate the beauty of poinsettias adding color and beauty around the house. Glitter, lights and sparkles from gold and silver trimmings will add sparkle to your home. And, of course, you'll need a beautifully decorated and lit Christmas tree. Tonkadale Greenhouse can help you plan both your indoor and outdoor decorating for the holiday season. We have lights, ornaments, decorations, craft supplies and a store full of ideas for you. Our design experts can help you find the right combination for your family. In case you missed our Spruce-Top Pot workshops in November, or you'd like to make another pot, here are instructions for making yours at home. You'll need:
  • A 12-inch pot.
  • Rice hulls.
  • 3-foot spruce tops.
  • Dogwood stems.
  • Wilt-Stop.
  • Decorations as desired.

Tonkadale Greenhouse spruce top potsMake your own Spruce-Top Pot

1. Fill your container with rice hulls. Rice hulls are simply the shell of rice and a bi-product of the rice industry. We use rice hulls instead of soil or sand to anchor our spruce tops because they can retain more water and are denser than soil or sand. 2. For a 12-inch pot, use 8-10, 3-foot spruce tops. Make a fresh cut at the base of each spruce top; trim off any stray greens and save them. Insert with the tallest spruce-top in the middle of your pot. Fill around with remaining spruce-tops. Insert others at an angle and stagger heights for interest and fullness. 3. Insert any stray greens or scraps around the edge of the pot. This will add fullness and drape to your arrangement. 4. Use 3-5 red twig dogwood stems to add color and interest. Make a fresh cut on each stem. Divide up the pot into thirds, then insert 1-2 twigs in each section. 5. Add mixed evergreens for color, interest and drape. 6. Spray with Wilt-Stop™. This is a natural pine resin that will keep your greens from drying out. You can use this product on your prized evergreen shrubs too! It also:
  • Helps reduce transplant shock.
  • Reduces moisture loss when plants are under stress.
  • Stops winter kill, wind burn, sunscald, salt damage and drying out.
7. Now it’s time to decorate. Use shiny balls, cones on a stick, ribbon, outdoor berries, feathers. Really, the sky is the limit! 8. Make sure to water your pots thoroughly until they freeze solid. The greens need to soak up as much water as they can get.