Fall decorating re-mix

Posted by Jessie Jacobson on Sep 28th 2016

Thank you to all who attended our Fall Decorating Seminar last Saturday.  It is/was so fun to share what we do with all of you!  You are the heart and soul of Tonkadale. If you missed the seminar, not to worry, you can follow along on Facebook and Instagram!  Now, this is important - this is how we spread the good word of Tonkadale.  If you like/love/lust what you see, share it with your friends.  Share this blog post (right now).  Better yet, share what you do with your Tonkadale items with all your friends.  Post and tag @tonkadale!  You might just become world famous all over Minnetonka.  It's that simple and we thank you. Okay, on to the good stuff.  Fall decorating is all about merging the change of seasons and thinking ahead to the next while enjoying the bounties of fall.  Fall is a simple season.  There are big and chunky color blocks such as mums, pumpkins and gourds which really tell the story of fall.  Repeating these elements in different ways throughout your garden and home will add touches of fall without making the seasonal changeover seem so dramatic and overwhelming. And remember, there are only 80+ more sleeps until the holidays.  Let's decorate for the season, not just the day.  Let's use everyday and transitional items to sketch out our story and add the freshness of the season to put in the punctuation and emphatic declaration. I am always thinking a season ahead in the garden and at home.  I ask myself a few simple questions as I do what I do.  What will this look like in the _____ season?  How can I transition these elements into the  _____ season? Are these everyday items that can be used continuously or will they need to be replaced or changed out?  What can I add or subtract to tell the seasonal story that is important to me, my garden and my home? In our Fall Container Garden blog post, we talked about frost-tolerant plants that can be transitioned from early spring all the way though fall.  When we present our Fall Decorating Seminar, we talk about everyday items that are essential part of the home that can help you transition through the seasons.  These items include trays, great containers and lanterns to name a few. Trays provide boundaries for the items you would like to display.  Boundaries have many real life applications but are also a great concept for decorating.  A tray provides a set area for you to assort your items.  Maybe it is set of two containers and an object - a tall container and a short container and then a statement piece which can be an everyday item or a seasonal statement piece.  A tray can also be planted with low growing items like terrarium plants or succulents. By the way, in case you haven't heard, succulents are where it's at!  A great container can stand on its own or can be filled with what is in season.  Maybe it's your outdoor planter that you transition through the seasons or your vessels for house plants and succulents.  Did you see the vine tree cone thing that we planted with fall items?  This can just stay in place when you add your fresh greens for winter.  A container doesn't have to hold plants. It can be a gathering place of twigs and permanent stems or even fresh mixed with permanent. Lanterns aren't just for lights.  Consider sticking a plant inside, vine balls, birch balls, pumpkins and gourds or whatever.  Then add the little battery vine lights and you are good to go. A little twisty vine never hurt anyone either.  You can find the twisty vine of your dreams all season long at Tonkadale - green, brown, gold, silver and copper.  A great tool for snarling things up! I am going to let you watch the slide show now, but there is one thing I want you to notice.  We presented a mantle decorated three ways.  When you have a space like this, a mantle, a hearth, an entry table, your front steps etc., consider common element groupings to keep you on track.  Start with everyday items such as lanterns and containerS, add in your plants and then your seasonal touches.  And don't forget to get lit!  Those little LED lights are all the rage and are battery operated and come as a string light or cascade (5 strings bundled together).  Dingle them, dangle them, wrap them on things or even wear them. https://youtu.be/49U5OR0rMJA Thanks for watching... See you at Tonkadale!