Fairy Garden February: Hints and photos

Posted by tonka_admin on Feb 27th 2015

The fairy gardening experts at Tonkadale Greenhouse have been posting our best tips on Facebook. Here's a roundup of their suggestions so you can start planning your next fairy garden. Here are Sue's hints:
  1.  Pick a container.  Where will your fairy garden be displayed?  Will it be indoors or out.  Do you have drainage.
  1. Create a story. Where would this fairy be? What is this fairy doing? Is your fairy garden in a yard, at a park, near a lake, on a farm, or in the woods?
  1. Pick plants that best mimic your story. Flowering bloomers can be a garden. Ferns can be a woody area. Baby tears look like grass or can be shaped like a hedge. Succulents can be a desert.

Be sure your combination of plants have similar light and water requirements. Choose plants that provide contrast in color, texture, and height to create variety for your landscape.

  1. Take everything into consideration. Remember that color repetition creates overall impact.
  1. Don't be afraid to add natural organic mediums, such as rocks, which bring realism and dimension to your fairy garden.
  1.  Have fun!
Jessie Jacobson, Tonkadale's general manager, adds these hints:
  1. Supplies you will need to create a fairy garden at home include charcoal, rocks or stones, moss and potting soil.
  2. Miniature plants are what make a fairy garden a garden! Our favorites include hypoestes, baby tears, mini African violets and sedums. Plant your fairy garden with plants that have similar light, water and care requirements.
  3. Houses and structures help set the scene in your fairy garden and tell a story or create a theme. Be sure to keep your structures in scale with your fairy and other accessories.
  4. Starting a fairy garden is a great way for children to learn about plants and the responsibility of caring for plants. Creating a fairy garden is also a great way to unplug and spend time together. And aren't we always looking for birthday and holiday gift ideas? You can collect fairy garden items over time and kids can save their own money to purchase special items as well.
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