Posted by Megan Nichols on Mar 11th 2020

Cyclamen are a great choice for beating the winter blahs and they provide a pop of color during cold, bleak months. These plants will bloom from late fall through spring.


Cyclamen prefer bright, indirect light, and will burn if placed too close to a window that receives intense afternoon sun.  


Allow the soil surface to dry slightly between waterings, but don’t allow the plant to wilt and become drought stressed. Give cyclamen a good drench, then drain any excess water in the saucer after 5-15 minutes. Do not keep soil consistently moist or root rot may occur. 


Cyclamen do well in average, well-drained potting soil.


Cyclamen prefer temperatures no warmer than 68F and can tolerate temperatures as low as 40F, but 50-60F is ideal. Be sure to avoid cold or hot drafts as this will likely cause bud drop.


Fertilize plants monthly.

For the Love of Plants

Remove faded flowers by pulling the entire stem of the faded bloom from the crown with a swift, firm tug. This keeps the plant tidy and encourages more blooms.

Cyclamen go dormant in the summer, and leaves will yellow and die back as the plant prepares to hibernate. Often, Cyclamen are mistaken for dying or needing water during this period. It is critical to allow the soil to dry so the tuber doesn’t rot. Begin watering again in Fall.

Cyclamen are prone to crown rot. Keep water off crown and keep plants clean of spent blooms and stems to keep the crown healthy.