Container gardening: Start small, take on more

Posted by tonka_admin on Jun 8th 2017

Editor's note: Room & Board of Edina invited Tonkadale Greenhouse to join them for a container gardening event. Here's the post from their blog. Recently the Edina store of Room & Board hosted an event with our local friends at Tonkadale Greenhouse. I talked with the owner, Jessie Jacobson, about container gardening. “Container gardening is color. It’s lifestyle. It’s gatherings and community. And guess what? When you plant a container, you get a fresh start each and every time.” I asked Jessie to share some tips about getting started. Start with your housing. What do these materials look like? Glazed containers are the standard, but what about handsome lightweight containers – fiber-stone, cement, mixed metals, urns with various silhouettes, baskets? Go big or go home! Tonkadale recommends using drop-in containers instead of planting directly in your pots. Drop-in containers slip into your standard-sized pots and make seasonal change-outs easy. Begin with fresh potting soil. We recommend Tonka Terra, a nutrient rich potting soil that will provide ample water retention and nutrition to your plants for the season. Annual plants and foliage are hungry for rich soils and adequate nutrients as their job is to grow quickly and bloom heavily throughout the season. And then there is fertilizer, in which there are many choices. Choose what you like: slow release, liquid or organic. Just do it.

Just added for Satuday: Container garden workshop

We've added another Container Garden Workshop to our events schedule for Saturday, June 10. It will run from 9 to 11 a.m. at Tonkadale. Plant your annual containers in our workshop space.  Design staff will be available to help with plant selection, mechanics and design elements. Bring your own container or purchase one at the store. Time allows you to complete one or two, 12"-14" diameter containers. Larger containers may require an additional fee. Tonkadale Greenhouse register button$15.00 + Materials (potting soil included in workshop fee) When you are planning your container, consider foliage first! Foliage is the architecture of all containers. In case you haven’t noticed, houseplants, especially succulents and cacti, are trending. Sorry folks, it’s not just coleus and potato vine anymore. Foliage adds stability, structure, physical weight and visual depth, among other things like texture and various leaf coloration to your containers. Blooms come and go, but foliage never fades. Always remember, gardening is a verb. It is something you do over time. Learn as you go. Start small, revel in success and take on more as your confidence grows and grows and grows.