Color tells the story

Posted by Jessie Jacobson on Mar 2nd 2018

It's time to organize random thoughts into something meaningful while attempting to inform and entertain. Sounds like a blog post to me. Has anyone watched the film, The Shape of Water? Well, I have and I liked it. In case you didn't know it is nominated for 13 Academy Awards. Who will be watching on Sunday? The gowns, oh the gowns, but I digress. And then there was the music. Woodwinds are the new fiddle. So I was talking with a co-worker the other day about the movie and we both began to comment on the colors that appeared in the film. Outstanding! I found it interesting that we both had the same takeaway. The color told the story as much as the actors did. Teal-blue, the color of water was repeated over and over again, even in the antagonists' choice of car. What does that mean? Please comment below. Color is powerful, meaningful and full of emotion. We tell stories with color as we capture it on film (or digital files full of pixels). Please join us this weekend in a color capturing event! Instagram and Photography Meet-up Saturday, March 3 9 am - 11 am If you are a grip and grin, selfie savant, sharp over soft or spray-and-pray photog with any kind of glass – join us for a morning of photography fun in the greenhouse. Chimp and clip your way through plant-centric demonstration stations including kokedama, terrariums, succulent containers and macrame. Kids activity table too! Free 2-inch terrarium plant for all guests with pic posting proof. Use and follow the hashtag #mygreenhousehome. Basically, a photography free-for all! If you don't know how to hashtag, we'll show you how! It will be amazing to see how you all interpret the color of the greenhouse as the sun rises over the peak. Will we see themes, trends and patterns emerge? What shapes will be repeated? What story will they tell? If you are not able to make it but have photographic aspirations, please review our new photography policy. It's really not that policy-ie. Just have to get everyone moving in the same direction. Enjoy some great photos and color stories from the Instameet last year:
See you at Tonkadale!