Big Plants, Big Impact

Big Plants, Big Impact

Posted by Jessie Jacobson on Jul 21st 2022

July 22nd, 2022

Big Plants, Big Impact

Landscaping is when you garden outside, interiorscaping is when you garden inside. Whether inside or out, we humans have an innate need to be around nature, plants for that matter. The value plants add to our lives and our spaces is a priceless investment in the human spirit.

As keen observers of the happenings in our community, we have had the privilege to watch and serve as the demand and desire for interior plants - in all the places - has soared. Coffee shops, boutiques, office spaces, and most notably restaurants are embracing biophilic design concepts and we are here for it!

Have you been to Khaluna? Not only is Chef Ann Ahmed the queen of Laotian cuisine, she is the architect of an experience anchored in plants. Beautifully thoughtful best describes the combination of elements in her space. Large specimen plants tied together with terra cotta offer stature and structure throughout the dining area and patio. On your next visit make sure to try the Cremant from Sula Vinyards in Nashik, India. In the meantime, get ready to bring it to the indoors with these big a** plants for big impact!

These days, interiorscapers are looking for plants with unique character, interesting growth habits, and asymmetry. This twisted cane Dracaena checks all the boxes. A statement in any locale, a conversations starter, and an amazing companion to any plant collection. We love the look of its striped, bright green leafy leaves and can see this one in an ice cream shop or candy store. Delicious. Place in medium, to indirect, bright light. Let dry between watering, then give it a good soak. Use distilled water with half strength fertilizer, if you can, as the chloride and fluoride in city water tends to cause tip burn. Wipe leaves clean often to remove dust.

Not long ago, we delivered one of these big beauties to Filigree Jewelers in Minneapolis. Big diamonds demand big dracaena, obviously. And this is one of the biggest specimen plants we can get in Minnesota. If you have a big space with big windows, send it. Place your Tarzan Dracaena in bright light. Let it dry out a bit between watering. Use the distilled water trick when watering if you can (see above). Set it and forget it cause this tree’s not moving once its placed.

Greek out! This mostly Mediterranean plant is all the rage for indoor delight. It’s rangy, wispy habit and sage-y green leaves leave us cool, calm, and collected. Place is bright light – a southern exposure right in front of the window is best. Water when the top 1/3 of soil is dry. Prune to achieve the shape you desire. Gorgeous placed in a Red Wing Crock or a simple terra cotta pot.

As a member of the Fig family, this ficus is a close cousin of the beloved Fiddle Leaf Fig. Of note are the weird, hairy aerial roots that originate at the crown of the canopy. The thick, round leaves and tight, branching habit of this standard create dynamic interest in a sunny corner. Place in bright to bright, indirect light. Keep on an even watering schedule, say every 7-10 days. Shake loose leaves as they age for easy clean-up.

This giant Peace Lily is full of vase-shaped voluptuous-ness and is a capable yet show-stopping king of interiors. Known to be tolerant of low light conditions, but appreciative for a chance to see the sky, peace lilies are well adapted for the interiors scene. Keep evenly moist. This one will tell you when it needs water with its signature wilt. Don’t worry, a good watering will quickly revive. Picture this one in a large urn with lots of curves.

Strong, sturdy stems erect generously lobed leaves to create the perfect plant for plain view. Lickety Split is a newer variety that replaces Selloum with its tighter form and stronger disease resistance. Best in medium to bright light. Water at the first sign of wilt or when the first several inches of soil dry out. Style in a simple or cylindrical container for an up to date look

Take it to the the house, or the office, or the studio. Big plants will make your space. And yes, we do deliver!