And a pansy party don’t stop!

This is going to be a sandwich blog.  On the top, a little gratitude.  In the middle, all about pansies.  On the bottom, a big reveal.


Jessie Jacobson, general manager of Tonkadale GreenhouseI am grateful for courage and confidence.  Courage is the ability to confront uncertainty.  Confidence only comes from practice and faltering and failure and then more practice and then success with uncertainty.  I am grateful that I get to do what I love to do basically every minute of every day.  The arch of life is a circuitous one, but if you work hard, say your intentions out loud and just start, amazing things can happen.

One year ago, April 1st to be exact, I purchased Tonkadale from my grandparents.  They had owned and operated Tonkadale since 1978.  I am grateful to them for their courage.  They built a successful business.  It is my job to share this success with our community, with our customers and most of all, our employees.  They are the heart and soul (or should I say soil?) of the greenhouse.  What are you grateful for today?

All about pansies

Purple pansies at Tonkadale GreenhouseLet’s be clear, pansies are here.  How can you resist their sweet faces?

Pansies and violas are cool-weather annuals.  They can tolerate temperatures down to 28 degrees F.  However, to keep them looking their best, it is a good idea to protect or cover them if temps are getting close to freezing.  Plant them now in containers and then in the ground when the soil warms up a bit.

Plant pansies with other cold-tolerant annuals.  Limited choices force simplicity, which is a good thing.  More is not always more.

This is what we recommend:

  • Ivies — all kinds.
  • Lysimachia Goldilocks.
  • Acorus grass.
  • Parsley, sage, thyme and oregano.
  • Kale and more kale! YUM.
  • Tulip, hyacinth and daffodil bulbs.

Add height and interest because pansies and their friends are low-growing.

Tonkadale Greenhouse things to plant with pansies

Combine two of these items in your pots:

  • Fresh or faux pussy willow.
  • Curly willow.
  • Faux budding branch and forsythia.
  • Birch tips.

Pansies prefer full sun and like to be watered well.  Pinch off spent blooms and the bottom of the peduncle.  Cool word, right?  Double dare you to use that in a sentence today!

And in case you didn’t know, pansies and violas smell amazing and are actually attractive to our early pollinator friends.  Party on folks!

Pansies in baskets at Tonkadale Greenhouse

Big reveal

Tonkadale has a new logo!  We are in the process of integrating this new image into our branding, which may take some time. But I just couldn’t wait to spill the beans!!

New logo for Tonkadale Greenhouse

See you at Tonkadale!


Come and decorate our walkways with CHALK!

Decorate walkways with chalk at Tonkadale Greenhouse