happiness is a new plant.

Houseplants are taking over! IG feeds are full of people’s homes that are full of plants. Plant parenting is a thing. Besides just being great to look at, growing plants indoors come with a bevy of benefits including cleaner air, calming effects, a connection to nature, and they provide a relaxing (and mostly unplugged) hobby.

If you are new to plant parenting, though, the amount of information available (especially online) can be overwhelming, and it can be hard to know where to start. Houseplant care is a little easier to understand when you know why we keep the plants we do inside, so we’ll start there.

Houseplants are those that grow naturally in tropical or desert climates, so they adapt well to the conditions of our homes, even in winter. Though they do go dormant in winter, for these plants it just means very slow growth, unlike plants that live outside in Minnesota that completely die back and reemerge in spring. So even though they’re not growing extensively we can still enjoy them through winter.

Visit our greenhouse to start your plant parent journey, and leave with confidence to succeed!

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