These are the people in our neighborhood!

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It has been an exciting few weeks at Tonkadale!  Can you believe that it was 60 degrees this time last week?!  We just had the longest growing season on record.  We could have been selling you petunias all this time, but instead we moved right on to winter greens and berries.  And now it’s Thanksgiving.  Yikes, the days just keep flying by and there is soooo much to do, right?

This past weekend was eventful. Let’s start from the top. Friday was yuck.  The weather was just miserable.  We were all working away getting ready for the weekend when boom, flash.  The transformer on the corner just blew and we lost power.  OMG!

Daylight is limited during these dark winter months, so we had to stop mid-bow and get cleaned up lest we be left to sweep in the dark.  Big questions arose.  What if the power doesn’t return for tomorrow’s Holiday Decorating Seminar? And then there’s the workshops?  We were expecting more than 100 folks and they want to see magic.  How are we going to make coffee?  How are we going to run the register?  How are the customers going to be able to see in the bathroom?  It’s hard to light up trees, run a register and zip your fly without any juice.

Needless to say we had to keep the greenhouse warm.  So the generator did just that — kept the greenhouse warm so the poinsettias didn’t perish.  Some of us didn’t sleep a wink.  The power came back on at 4:30 am Saturday morning, we made coffee, put out scones and sang Silver Bells as the grand finale at the Holiday Decorating Seminar.  Thanks to all who attended!

Pause.  Let’s take a moment to be present and acknowledge the people that make Tonakdale so great.  Stick both thumbs up.  Turn towards self.  You guys (mostly gals, but who is keeping track)!  You are the people in our neighborhood.  The people that we see each season.

Here are a few of the lovely folks at Sunday’s Bell Decorating Workshop.  This was a new workshop for us.  It was simple, it was fun and all the projects turned out great.

Bell decorating success

Great job ladies!

We also had a few special guests at the Bell Decorating Workshop to celebrate a baby shower.  Word is they went to Coalition in Excelsior for brunch after they finished their most fabulous bells.  Um, yum!!  Congratulations to the mother-to-be!  You are adorable!

A bell decorating baby shower!

A bell decorating baby shower!

So now we say “thank you” as we host Santa at Tonkadale for the upteenth year in a row.  Naughty or nice, it’s never too late to be good!  Join us this Saturday and Sunday from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. for free snapshots with Santa.  Pets are welcome too!  Well-behaved, cute ones are the most welcome.  By the way, the photo at the top of this post went viral last year, and the story even appeared on the home page of NBC News! So if you want to be a part of that hububaloo (this is a new word for me too), share your pics, and share the joy.


Who are the people in your neighborhood?

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