How to make a spruce top pot

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Spruce tops are here and we couldn’t be more excited.  Our high-tech production team has produced this short video (about 10 minutes) to teach you everything you need to know about creating the spruce top pot of your dreams!

Mixed greens and twigs will arrive right after Halloween and our Spruce Top Pot Workshops start the first weekend in November.  These workshops are filling up fast.  Have you secured your spot?  Register here!

Highlights of the video include:

  • Spruce top pot construction.
  • What are rice hulls?
  • The benefits of wilt stop.
  • The tools you will need.
  • Decorate a finished spruce top pot.

See you at Tonkadale!


  1. I love getting different ideas for my urn containers. This was very helpful as I learned about the filler you used. I had never heard of it before.

  2. I won’t make the spruce top workshops and love the video. Many thanks!!!!!👍😀

  3. Jessie is so good at demonstrating the “art of spruce top pots”!!!
    Thanks Tonkadale for creating these way cool videos…my friends that don’t live here are loving these.

  4. I am a former Minnesotan and now live in Idaho. After watching Jessie’s demonstration, I am inspired, and am going to attempt to make my own Spruce top pot for my front porch. She is a great demonstrator. I love her sense of humor, energy, and “muscle” as she puts her pots together!

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