Birch Log Bundles

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Birch log bundles are a great transitional decoration for both indoors and out.  A great accent to set about on a hearth, on your front steps, the porch or even under the Christmas tree.  There, I said it: CHRISTMAS TREE!  Hooray for the holidays!  After that, my favorite application for the birch log bundle is a good ol’ game called ding-dong ditch.  How fun would it be to load up the back of your preferred SUV with a pile of decorated birch logs, set them on your neighbors’ front steps, ring the door bell and run away?  Please, licensed drivers only, only neighbors that you know and follow all posted speed limit signs.

Here’s how you do it:

Your choice – read the directions, watch the video or both!

Supplies for birch log bundles by Tonkadale Greenhouse

The supplies

1. Select three, 18-inch birch logs.
2. Connect two sets of zip ties: two 11-inch ties and one 8-inch tie per set.
3. Connect your birch logs with the two sections of zip ties. Make sure the distance between them is no greater than the width of your ribbon.

Secure birch log bundle

Secure birch log bundle

4. Select your ribbon and wrap around the bundle, covering the zip ties.  Tie at the top, leaving enough length for two ribbon tails.
5. Create your bow: four total loops – two on each size – with two tails. (See me for a private bow making tutorial.)
6. Tie down your bow with your ribbon wrap.
7. Fold up your ribbon ends to make a hem.
8. Create two clumps containing pine and berries.

Two clumps ready to go

Two clumps ready to go

9. Zip tie the clumps together.
10. Glue your clumps under the ribbon – on the top of and parallel to the log bundle.

Birch log bundle

Birch log bundle

Way to go! You did it!

Now watch the video – it’s only 1 minute and 56 seconds.

Extra credit: watch the Birch Log Bundle episode of The Happi House.

See you at Tonkadale!

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