Plants for college dorm rooms

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By our Marketing Intern and plant enthusiast, Laura, who is about to return to college

College is just around the corner! The last thing college students want to worry about is books. You might be asking what college books have to do with plants. A lot, actually!

Aloe and sanseveria by Tonkadale Greenhouse

Aloe and sanseveria

With so much time spent studying, college students lack the right amount of sleep, which results in fatigue, colds and coughs. With a low amount of sleep and feeling fatigued, it is hard for students to stay attentive while learning. Plants have been shown to decrease the feeling of fatigue, keeping college students healthy and happy while they are away.

Dorm rooms can feel old and boring with no color on the wall. Plants are a great way to bring a pop of color and life to the room. Growing plants is also an easy way to spruce up a small space and make it feel a little more like home.

Succulents and cactus are a popular trend among the younger generation (millennials). As a college student, I have jumped on this bandwagon and fallen in love with them! These are a great option if you know that you will have a lot of bright sunlight. Here is a list of plants that would work in most small spaces with bright direct sunlight.

Cactus assortment by Tonkadale Greenhouse

Cactus assortment

Bright sunlight plants

  • Anthurium by Tonkadale Greenhouse


    Aloe vera: Dry conditions and like to be in the sun.

  • String of hearts: Bright light and moist to dry soil. This is in the succulent family.
  • Ivy: Bright light and likes to be on dry side.
  • Cactus and succulents: Bright light and dry soil.
  • Jade plant family: Never let it get completely dry and do not water too often. They like a lot of sun.
  • Anthurium: Bright light, moderately moist soil.

If you end up buying a plant that likes moderate or indirect sunlight and your room has more sun than you thought, don’t worry! You can put the plant on a desk under a lofted bed where there is less direct light. Be creative when it comes to the location you decide to put it in.

Often, college students are unsure about the amount of light the room will get, and the majority of the time dorm rooms don’t have space right next to the window to get bright light. No problem! There are many other kinds of plants that grow without direct sunlight. If this is your case, we’ve got a list for you! Below is a list of plants that can handle moderate to low light.

Air plants by Tonkadale Greenhouse

Air plants

Moderate/low light plants

  • African violet by Tonkadale Greenhouse

    African violet

    Air plants: Indirect bright light, low amount of water and not a lot of care.

  • Sansevieria or mother-in-law’s tongue: Indirect light, moderate amount of water, low care.
  • African violet: Indirect bright light, moist to dry soil and moderate amount of care.
  • Creeping fig: Moderate light and low amount of water.
  • Small spider plants: Easy to take care of, bright indirect light and moderate amount of water.
  • Philodendron: Bright indirect sunlight, likes to dry out between watering.
  • Pothos or Epipremnum: Bright indirect light, dry soil or in water.
Creeping fig by Tonkadale Greenhouse

Creeping fig

Small, indoor fairy gardens like the one below are a great idea if you want to make something a little more personal. A fairy garden allows you to create a small garden that brings out your personality. You can pick from sun and shade plants to make it just right for you.

Fairy garden by Tonkadale Greenhouse

Philodendron by Tonkadale Greenhouse


Another way to bring out your personality is with a collection of pots with different plants in them. You can mix and match the pots to your liking. This brings more color and uniqueness to your dorm room. Have fun with the colors and combinations!

Plants can also make a space feel more relaxing after a long day at college. All of these ideas are inexpensive ways to bring personality to a boring dorm room. Good luck to all the college students heading to their first year of college or going back! These simple ideas will make your dorm room stand out from all the others.

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