Pollinator Day recap: We’re buzzing with new ideas

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Costumed kids at Tonkadale Greenhouse's Pollinator DayWe couldn’t have asked for a more beautiful day for Tonkadale’s first-ever Pollinator Day! It was great to see so many families and people of all ages interested in learning about pollinators. If you weren’t able to join us, here’s a quick recap of what you missed.

Kia Vang, the children’s librarian at the Wayzata Public Library, started the day with songs and story time. Even the adults clapped along and had a good time!

Heather Holm's bookNext, Heather Holm took the stage and shared her knowledge of native bees. Our brains are brimming with new knowledge and ideas – we’re ready to scout for docile ground-nesting bees and make safe spaces for our native pollinators. Thanks, Heather!

Jake's City Grille at Costumed kids at Tonkadale Greenhouse's Pollinator DayWhat would a pollinator event be without food that pollinators help us grow? We started the day with lemonade and honey sunflower cookies. Thanks to Ruth at Great Harvest Bread! The Jake’s City Grille food truck arrived at 11 a.m. and filled the perennial area with good smells. We couldn’t wait to have lunch! A little later we handed out Honey Vanilla ice cream from Sweet Science Ice Cream. Oh so delicious, and how convenient – it just happened to be National Ice Cream Day.

There was so much to learn and see at each of the educational booths. Guests were full of questions and the experts were on hand to help.

Megan and Bob, Tonkadale perennial staff, provided information on pollinator plant selection and easy, do-at-home projects. Ever want to make a bee house or a butterfly puddling station? No problem! We’ll show you how.

Cheryl, a good friend of monarchs, and Tonkadale’s own Butterfly Bill wowed pollinator advocates of all ages with incredible monarch caterpillars. They also recruited some new free-range butterfly farmers in the process.

Monarch caterpillars at Tonkadale Greenhouse's Pollinator Dary

Thanks, Cheryl, for the beautiful mural boards! Everyone got in on the action.

Mural boards at Tonkadale Greenhouse's Pollinator Dary

Next up, The Bell Museum. Pollinators do so much for us! Without them we wouldn’t be able to eat many of our favorite foods, plus there would be no cotton to make clothes. We’d all be wearing polyester in the middle of the summer. Whew! Thanks, pollinators – we’ll do everything we can to help!

Erin with Pollinate Minnesota taught us all about honey bees. Did you know the queen bee lays 1,000-2,000 eggs a day? Laura C., Tonkadale’s marketing intern put it best – “I’m glad I’m not a bee!” If we didn’t already think they were amazing creatures, we sure do now.

Humming for Bees taught us about keeping bee and butterfly food clean and healthy and gave information on how to contact our legislators and encourage them to work to work to protect pollinators. They also recruited many to commit to a Bee Safe Yard.

Humming for Bees at Tonkadale Greenhouse's Pollinator Day

The Color Your Commitment table was a big hit with everyone. It was so fun to see pollinators’ youngest advocates get excited and ready to help! Their work is shown at the top of the post.

Color Your Commitment at Tonkadale Greenhouse's Pollinator Day

If you were here, glad you could make it. If you missed it, we missed you too! Look for info on Pollinator Day 2017, coming soon!

Thank you from the staff at Tonkadale Greenhouse's Pollinator Day

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