Wednesday Walkabouts and Serenity Saturdays

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Have you ever looked at your yard, landscape, or garden and wondered just what in the world you should plant? Ever put a plant in a spot you were certain it would love only to watch it wither away?

Wednesday Walkabouts at Tonkadale GreenhouseYou’re not alone and there is help! Pop in to Tonkadale Greenhouse for advice and information to tackle that big project or start enjoying that tricky spot right now.

Wednesday Walkabouts

We began offering this last year to meet the desires of our customers to have individualized help planning and designing their gardens. It became quite popular, so we’re bringing it back!

Wednesday Walkabouts are all about you and your garden space. Bring in a sketch or plan, even photos, know the soil conditions and what kind of light the space receives throughout the day. That’s all you need! You’ll walk and talk with our perennial experts who will help you know what plants will do well in your space, how they will grow and behave over time, and any additional information to help you be successful in your gardens.

Serenity Saturdays

If your definition of fun is learning about all things gardening, join us!

Serenity Saturdays at Tonkadale GreenhouseOn select Saturday mornings throughout the summer, expert perennial staff will lead short garden-themed mini-seminars about gardening with perennials. So far we’ve discussed perennials for pollinators and perennials for shade. Both discussions included extensive plant lists to guide gardeners on the right path.

After a lively chat where you can ask any questions you have regarding the topic and your garden space, staff is available to walk and talk with attendees to help plan their gardens. Come in for a fun, low-key start to a Saturday and leave with more knowledge for greater success!

Coming up this Saturday, July 9, we’ll learn about the amazing, secret life of hummingbirds. This is the perfect opportunity to find out more about how these fascinating creatures live, how to attract them to your yard, and what you can do to help them thrive and flourish.

Saturday, July 23 we’ll discuss insects (good and bad) and plant diseases. If you’ve ever seen funny spots, discolored leaves, or weird holes on your plants and wondered what to do, this is the mini-seminar for you! We’ll also discuss how to use the internet to identify plant problems and find solutions from reputable sources. Bring us your perennial plant problems and we’ll tackle them together.

See you at Tonkadale Greenhouse!

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