Our annual Annuals Spectacular: New for 2016

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If there is one thing you should know about me, it is that I am passionate about annuals. Yes, you do have to plant annuals every year and yes, that means many trips to the greenhouse and lots of holes to dig. But annuals, in all their glory, provide us with big, bold color both in the ground and in containers. In my experience, annuals just keep getting better and better. Each year, there are new introductions that provide bigger blooms, better growth habit, disease resistance and the best garden performance.

As a business, it is Tonkadale’s mission to ensure your success in the garden. With that in mind, we travel the world, the Midwest and back to bring you latest and greatest annuals each year. We are proud to grow the majority of our annuals on site and on our growing range in Breckenridge, MN. We also partner with local growers who fill in the gaps and supply us with the rest. Thank you to our staff at Breckendale Flower Farm and to our local growers! You are the best. We appreciate all of your hard work.

So let’s get down to business. Check out the photos below. Here we are featuring 20 varieties of annuals that are new or just simply outstanding. Share with a friend. Happy Spring!

The Plant Hunters: Mary and Jessie

1. The Plant Hunters

Mary, our Greenhouse Manager, and I at the Michigan Grower Trials. We also had a chance to stop by Ball Horticultural to visit their trial gardens in West Chicago, IL.

Breckendale Flower Farm

2. Breckendale Flower Farm

Our growing range located in Breckenridge, MN. Ya sure, ya know it’s right next to Wahpeton, ND. Also known as the Twin Cities of the North!

Tonkadale Greenhouse Hanging Baskets

3. Our trademark hanging baskets

The best sun and shade hanging baskets in the area. All recipes curated in-house.

Tonkadale's smartest customer

4. The smartest customer I ever met (but I love all of you equally)

It’s always a good idea to keep a record or take a picture of what you did last year, what worked, what didn’t work, what it looked like at the beginning of the season and at the end of the season. Our top five favorite spring questions include:

  1. Where are the carts?
  2. Where are the bathrooms?
  3. When are you going to make more popcorn?
  4. Where is the potato vine?
  5. I had this plant last year. I really liked it and do you have it?

Begonia Non-Stop Cherry

5. Begonia Non-Stop Mocca Cherry

A stunner tuberous begonia in the Non-stop series. If you don’t buy them, I will! Other Mocca colors include Pink Shades, Deep Orange, Yellow, White and Scarlet. These begonias can take morning sun and are great in combination with other shade-loving annuals and accent plants.

Begonia Unbelievable Lucky Strike

6. Begonia Unbelievable Lucky Strike

A little-leafed, tuberous begonia type with pendulous flowers. Again, can tolerate some sun. Other colors in this series include First Kiss (magenta flower) and Apricot.

Rex Begonia Autumn Ember

7. Rex Begonia Autumn Ember

OMG. The newest and bestest Rex begonia ever! Rex begonias are typically grown for their interesting foliage and work great in shade containers. Interesting leaf shapes, colors and textures are what they are known for. I also adore the silver leafed varieties and the Jurassic series, which has huge leaves along with all the frills and twirls.


8. Caladiums

Great in shade combos, but can take some sunshine. We carry Caladiums from a local grower in all kinds of assorted colors and patterns including reds and pinks, whites and lime greens. Try one of each!

Calibrachoa Aloha Kona Pineapple

9. Calibrachoa Aloha Kona Pineapple

This is a new series of Calibrachoa for us this year and we choose it because of the large flower size, nice and tame growth habit, high pH tolerance and interesting color combinations. Notice the dark-colored throat of the flower. Other colors in the series include Cherry Red, Dark Red, Hot Orange, Midnight Blue and White. We will still grow the solid colors and the interesting Superbells series as well, which includes Superbells Cherry Star, Grape Punch, Lemon Slice and Sweet Tart. Yum!

Coleus Campfire

10. Coleus Campfire

This is a brand new coleus stunner for full sun or shade. Check out this YouTube video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6AoIOd57SXQ

Coleus Dutch Mill Drive

11. Coleus Dutch Mill Drive

Another new coleus for sun or shade. A little shorter in stature, but that’s okay. This one will be available in limited quantities so shop early and shop often!

Dahlia Dreamy Nights

12. Dahlia Dreamy Nights

Stunning, almost iridescent  flowers on top of rich chocolatey burgundy stems.  Tons of flower power and tolerates hot hot sun. Great in the garden iron containers. Pair with cannas and potato vine and you are good to go!

Evolvulus Blew My Mind

13. Evolvulus Blew My Mind

News to me, but this is also plant is also known as a dwarf morning glory. A great accent in full, hot sun. And the blue flowers, oh the blue flowers. Need I say more?! I can see this dripping down the side of a full sun container poolside while a sit and soak up some rays. Wait…sitting still by a pool never happens for me. I have little kids in my life!

Geraniums at Tonkadale Greenhouse

14. Geraniums

Just thought you should know, we changed up the zonal geranium series that we grow. Over time we have noticed the vigor and growth habit of the series that we were growing was declining. With your success in mind, we decided to make the switch. It’s a big change, but it will be okay!

[custom_table style=”1″]

Old Variety

New Variety

Rocky Mountain Violet Survivor Neon Violet
Rocky Mountain Orange Savannah Oh So Orange
Rocky Mountain Magenta Survivor Cherry Red
Americana Coral Survivor Coral
Rocky Mountain Dark Red Survivor Dark Red
American Pink Survivor Hot Pink
Classic Lavender Survivor Indigo Sky
Rocky Mountain Light Pink Survivor Pink
Rocky Mountain Salmon Survivor Salmon Sensation
Tango Scarlet Survivor Scarlet
Rocky Mountain White Survivor White

Sunpatiens Compact Neon Pink

15. Sunpatiens Compact Neon Pink

A great substitute for traditional impatiens!

Impatiens are being wiped out by a fungal disease called downy mildew. Impatiens downy mildew only affects varieties of Impatiens walleriana. This includes all varieties of traditional impatiens, double impatiens, trailing impatiens and miniature impatiens.

With your success in mind, we have not been growing varieties of traditional impatiens for the last couple of years. While nothing can replace an old garden standard that provided outstanding color and shade tolerance, there are many beautiful substitutions. Try something new and make new friends!

[custom_table style=”1″]
Shade Coleus

Shade Foliage

Torenia A Perennial Shade Garden
Hypoestes Perennial Ground Covers for Shade
Shade Lobelia New Guinea Impatiens (Impatiens hawkeri)
Browallia Sunpatiens
Begonias Divine New Guinea Impatiens
Wax Begonias Bounce Impatiens
Big Begonias Dragon Wing Begonias

Lantana Samantha

16. Lantana Samantha

Oh Samantha how we love you! One of our longtime pals and an exclusive to Tonkadale. Also to note are the two Lantana series that we carry. The Bandana series is more upright and comes in the following colors: Cherry Sunrise, Lemon Zest, Orange and Red. The Lucky Series is more mounding and trailing and the colors include: Pure Gold, Sunrise Rose and White.

Salvia Aztec Blue Purple

17. Salvia Aztec Blaze Purple

A new vegetative Salvia that will be a show-stopper when planted in mass. Great for pollinators, and it comes in fuchsia too. Also, if you didn’t try Salvia Summer Jewel Red last year, this is the year to do it.

Tunbergia, or Black Eyed Susan Vine

18. Thunbergia

Also known as black-eyed susan vine. A well-known, but underused, annual. Great for full sun. An aggressive climber that can be used as a trailing item in containers or hanging baskets. Standard colors include yellow, orange and new this year is red!!!


19. Verbena Meteor Shower

A new vegetative verbena that is a close relative with our all-time fave – Verbena b. Here is the description from the Proven Winners website: “Good looks AND personality. Lollipops of lilac blooms on deep green foliage.  A fun plant for landscapes and containers.  A truly compact form of the common form.”

Zinnia Profusion Series

20. Zinnia Profusion Series

All zinnias are great, but this series is simply outstanding. Plant in mass as a border plant or in containers. A full-sun lover that is great for bees and pollinators. Double and single flowers come in Oranges, Yellows, Pinks, Cherry, White and a mix.

Plant the Planet!


  1. Great pictures of annuals. I’m making a list of different ones to try.

    1. Hi Genevieve,

      That would be a question for Proven Winners! Proven Winners is a plant brand that is licensed and propagated throughout the country. We source Proven Winners plant material from growers that do not use neonics. At Tonkadale we strive to be Bee Kind, Bee Friendly!

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