Spring decorating 2016: What’s new this season

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Well, we had a shell of a time – an eggshell, that is – at last Saturday’s Spring Decorating Seminar! The theme this year was “The Tool Box Three Ways.” Stay with me now. . .

  1. The Mental Tool Box. These are your design ideas, recipes, mechanics, short-cuts and tips and tricks of the trade
  2. The Physical Tool Box. This is where you keep your actual tools. We advise that you keep them in a secure location all to yourself! Items to include: a sharp scissor, wire cutters, bolt cutters, hand pruner, zip ties, floral wire, floral tape, gloves and twisty vine.
  3. The Toolbox to Decorate.   This is the toolbox-type container that you can arrange plants in, plant directly in or display assorted items in.

So we don’t have a photo of your mental toolbox – that’s your personal business. But we do have examples of items to include in the physical tool box and the toolbox to decorate.

Tonkadale Greenhouse decorating toolbox

Your decorating toolbox: Items you need

Tonkadale Greenhouse toolboxes

Toolboxes to decorate

Our business is to give you ideas to put in your mental toolbox. Here you go!

Tonkadale Greenhouse indoor-outdoor drop-in containers

Left: Outdoor drop-ins. Right: an assortment of succulents. Aloe with sanseveria and pencil cactus, and fiddle leaf fig

Outdoor drop-ins for early spring. These plants can tolerate cool temperatures and can be used until the pansies are ready. Speaking of pansies, we should see their pretty faces about the third week in March! Mental tool box note – the blooming items in these containers are planted in their own pot within the pot. This way you can just lift them out when it is time to replace them with something else.

Tonkadale Greenhouse indoor-outdoor drop-in tin containers

Indoor drop-ins: mother fern, lemon bush, an assortment of bromeliads

Indoor plant drop-ins. Choose the containers you want to use indoors and line them with a trash can liner to be double sure they don’t leak. Place a plastic saucer inside of that to catch the water, then set your selected plants inside. You might need to boost your plants up within the container. Mental tool box note – stack empty pots underneath them or tip a clay pot upside down to act as a riser.

Side bar: Can you smell the lemon flowers through your screen right now?!?!?! They are so amazing! How about that assortment of succulents in the yellow basket – so easy to care for. We love the upright structure! And fiddle leaf figs: enough said. They are so hot right now!

In the photo at the top of this post, we did an assortment of herbs in small, medium and large containers. We are seeing tin containers everywhere we go. These herb arrangements can start indoors now and then move to the patio or garden when spring comes. Dress up your herb arrangements for a party or just for fun with a pick of artificial flowers, an assortment of seed packets or even a moss bunny. How cute!

Tonkadale Greenhouse cute containers

Tonkadale Greenhouse cute containers

These are all ideas showcasing how to use cute containers. Artificial succulents look great with the weight of heavy birch poles and twigs (top left). A single peony with an assortment of greens looks elegant and girly in a simple milk glass jar (middle left). An assortment of permanent cut flowers fills out this eggshell container to make an oh-so-sweet statement or gift (right). Mini violets and English baby tears look darling in a triple egg container (bottom).

Tonkadale Greenhouse blues and grays

Blues, greens and greys are super on trend right now. See how this assortment of flowers and foliage looks elegant, neutral and springy in a tall chalky grey vase with a corresponding wreath to match. Loving the wreath with all the flowers and foliage concentrated on near the bottom. This look adds a bit of sophistication and bulk as well.

So there you have it! Now, go forth and decorate!

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