How to make a 24-inch wreath

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At Tonkadale, we have a signature wreath look – it’s straightforward, simple, affordable and beautiful!

Last weekend, we hosted our first-ever wreath decorating workshop, and it was a hit. All who participated left with a wreath to admire to adorn their hooks and hangers! In this blog post, we’ll share the inside tips and tricks with you too.

Step 1: Choose your wreath.

We like the Fraser Fir wreaths the best. They are sturdy, fluffy and stand up to freezing temps in the winter. Oh, and they smell amazing too! A 24-inch diameter wreath is standard for your door.

Step 2: Choose ribbon and coordinating berries.

This may actually be the most important part. Choose your ribbon, or a combination of ribbons, with wired edges (of course) and berries or other sparkly things to go with them. We use about 5 yards of ribbon per 24-inch wreath for a single bow, and two berry clumps. Make sure your ribbon and berries are suitable for outdoors. The majority of ribbon and berries here at Tonkadale are just that.

Parts of a 24-inch wreath at Tonkadale Greenhouse

Step 3: Attach wreath hook to top of wreath.

Tonkadale has a patented wreath hook that we use at the top of our wreaths. If you can’t get your hands on one, you can make a hook with the wire you attach your bow with or create a hook with some other kind of wire or twine that you have in your garage.

Step 4: Make bow – use one taped wire.

Making a bow can be a little intimidating. See video below for a detailed look. We make our bows with 6 loops and 3 tails. We use a taped floral wire to secure the bow. The taped wire is nice because it doesn’t slip.

Step 5: Make berry clumps – use 4-inch zip ties.

Make two berry clumps. Zip tie your berries together with fresh greens. We like to use Oregonia the best because it adds brightness to your design.

Step 6: Make 3 cone dumbbells.

Use one taped wire/cone – 6 cones total. Attach one taped wire to each cone and then attach two cones together with the ends of each wire. You will want about 11” of space in between the base of each cone.

Step 7: Attach bow to wreath.

Use the taped wire that you used to create your bow

Step 8: Attach berry clumps on either side of bow.

Use 14-inch zip ties to tie your berry clumps to the wreath.

Step 9: Secure ribbon tails with cone dumbbells.

Wrap your cone dumbbells around the back of your wreath at each ribbon junction. Twist together in the front and cinch it tight in the back.

Step 10: Trim ribbon tails, zip-ties, etc.

Ta-Da – you are finished! Making a wreath the Tonkadale way is as simple as 1-2-3: one bow, two berry clumps and three cone dumbbells.

Wreaths at Tonkadale Greenhouse

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