Show your fairy garden some love for the holidays

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For those of us who enjoy fairy gardening, this is a special time of year. It is a known fact that fairies love holidays. In fairy land, we are embarking on the most wonderful time of the year.

Halloween fairy garden by Tonkadale GreenhouseFairies are simple. They have minimalist requirements which include food, shelter and water. Their favorite food is sugar. Sugar from the nectar of flowers is, of course, the most sensible choice, but as we all know holidays provide plenty of opportunity to indulge in sugary treats as well. How cute are teeny tiny Christmas cookies and hot cocoa?!

Fairies also love to play games and be a little tricky. They basically invented trick-or-treat! Fairies are opportunistic, and given the right tools and supplies, they are very self-sufficient. That being said, it is our responsibility to provide them with all of the creature comforts they require.

As we move into the fall and winter seasons, there are many ways to spruce up our fairy gardens or even create new ones based on holiday themes. Think farm scene for fall with farm animals and vegetables to harvest. Maybe a farm stand … fairies don’t mind a little extra cash.

Create a graveyard for Halloween. Add crows, pumpkins, spider webs and bats!

Winter fairy garden accessories by Tonkadale Greenhouse

Build a skating rink or sledding hill for winter. Decorate your fairy garden plants as if they were a Christmas tree. Add tinsel and glitter (otherwise known as magic fairy dust), use batting material for snow.

Have you seen the LED battery lights we have here at Tonkadale? Totally amazing and they add so much life and fun to the fairy garden.

We’ll share a few pictures here in the blog, but there is just too much to show, so stay tuned to our Facebook and Instagram for inspiration and ideas.

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