Tonkadale lists new annuals for 2015

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At Tonkadale, annuals are our passion. We search high and low, near and far to find the best varieties for our customers to use in their containers and garden beds. We are always looking for the best series, best growth habit, disease resistance, color choices and uniqueness.

Tonkdale grows the majority of our annuals at our growing range in Breckenridge, MN. We source the remainder of our annuals from the local growers in our area. We are lucky to have them so close and they do a fantastic job for us.

We always say, shop early and shop often to get the best and freshest choices.

Here’s a list of the new annuals we presented at our 2015 Annual Annuals Seminar (PDF).


  • Unstoppable Fire and Unstoppable White
  • Heimalis Begonias: Dragone Rosewood & Rio
  • Tuberous Begonias: Non-Stop Series – Mocca Deep Orange and Cherry + many more
  • Rex Begonias: 30+ Varieties
  • Jurassic Series: Green Streak, Pink Shades, Silver Point, Silver Swirl, Watermelon
  • Fedor, Curly Fire Flush and Iron Cross are our favorites.


Bombshell, Fireworks, Party Punch, Pink Splash, Sweet Caroline


  • Remember the Mir-Acid or they will become chlorotic (that’s anemia for plants).
  • Caberet Series: Bright Red, Lavender + many more.
  • Minifamous Series: Orange, Dark Pink w/ Eye, Watermelon.
  • Superbells: Pomegranate Punch, Grape Punch, Cherry Star, Coralberry Punch, Lemon Slice, Sweet Tart, Spicy
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Top 10 annuals
to attract pollinators:

  1. Angelonia
  2. Heliotrope
  3. Herbs
  4. Lantana
  5. Marigolds
  6. Nicotiana
  7. Pentas
  8. Snapdragons
  9. Salvia
  10. Zinnias


Cannova Series: Yellow, Rose, Red Shades and Bronze Scarlet

Shorter in stature, great for containers.


Those bright-colored spikes!

Cherry Sunsation, Purple Tower, Red Star


  • 45 4-inch varieties
  • 16 4-pack varieties
  • Two 6-pack varieties that you don’t want to miss – Chocolate Covered Cherry and Watermelon!
  • Coleosaurus
  • Emotions Passionate
  • Indian Summer
  • Pineapplette
  • Raspberry Tart
  • Red Velvet
  • Ruby Dreams
  • Solar Sunrise & Solar Sunset
  • Walter Turner


  • Dalaya Yogi
  • Dreamy Series: Moonlight Yellow, Nights Purple/Pink, Passion Red – dark foliage!
  • Hypnotica Series: Dark Night, Lavender, Orange, Pink, Red, Sangria, Tequilla Sunrise, Yellow
  • Tons of flowers, great depth of color.
  • XXL Series – Chipas Hot Pink, Durango Yellow, Taxco Red – will feature for summer


  • Sarita Series – Fire, Neon Sizzle, Soft Pink Splash
  • Bull’s Eye Cherry


  • Bandana Series vs. Lucky Series
  • Bandana Trailing Red
  • Bandana Orange
  • Lucky Pure Gold is our favorite. Lucky Sunrise Rose our other fave


Beth’s Blue


  • Alumina Series: 6 colors, love Vanilla Cream.
  • Disco Series
  • Marvel Series: These are your tall guys.


Magic Carpet Yellow


Perfume and Saratoga Series


Starcluster Series – Red, White, Rose, Lavender


  • Remember the Mir-Acid or they will become chlorotic (that’s anemia for plants).
  • 4-packs vs. 6 packs vs. 4-inch plants.
  • Easy Wave Series: Berry Velour, Burgundy Velour
  • Glow Blue Stardust
  • Johnny Flame
  • Supertunia Black Cherry
  • Sunshine Ray
  • Sweetunia Orange Flash – short supply last year, but it’s looking good so far.


Cupcake Series – Cherry Baby, Grape Jelly, Peachy, Yellow Chrome


Summer Jewel Red and Cathedral Blue


  • Trailing color for shade.
  • Summer Wave Blue and Amethyst are our favorites
  • Moon Series: Yellow, Dark Purple, Magenta.


  • Totally new series this year, tons of giant flowers, heat-tolerant and well-behaved.
  • Empress Flair Series: all colors available.
  • Wicked Series: Cool Blue and Wicked Hot Pink


Cora Series: Strawberry is the best + 8 other colors.


  • Profusion Series
  • Magellan Series
  • State Fair: Yes, we will have ample supply this year.
  • Zaharra Sunburst and Starlight Rose

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