Air plants easy to care for, bloom beautifully

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Can you count to three? If your answer is yes, then the hard part is over.

Tillandsias (tuh-LAND-zee-uh), commonly referred to as air plants, are trending to the top of the greenhouse charts at this very moment.

These unique creatures are easy to care for and interesting to display in almost any type of vessel. Tillandsias are epiphytes, which means they use their root systems to gather and absorb moisture through the air. Bromeliads and orchids do this too.

Tonkadale Greenhouse air plantsThere are more than 500 species of Tillandsias, which is totally wild but not too crazy, as they are found in jungles and rain forests which host a wide range of plant and animal diversity.

Let’s get this counting part over with. Give them:

  1. Bright, indirect sunlight.
  2. Good air circulation.
  3. A good submersion soak once a week

The manner in which you display your Tillandsias is limited only by your imagination. At Tonkadale you will commonly see them in hanging in clear glass orbs or set about in bubble balls. Other options may be to mount them on an interesting piece of driftwood, lay them in a decorative bowl, hang them from fishing line at varying heights or incorporate them into a terrarium.

With all that said, the risk is worth the reward and the big payoff comes when these guys and gals decide to flower. They don’t do it often, but when they do, the flowers are fantastically beautiful ranging in shades from pinks and purples to oranges and reds.

Tonkadale Greenhouse air plants


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