Start decorating and get ready to welcome spring

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Hi, it’s spring. Are you ready? I’m on my way!

Fun was had by all at last Saturday’s spring decorating seminar. The ladies of Tonkadale Greenhouse were at it again with lots of lovelies to show and tell. As always, we presented many can-do projects to freshen your nest and bring life and color into your home.

Nests, bunnies and eggs are sure signs of spring and there were plenty of those to go around. Bright colors are in when mixed with neutrals and naturals.

Tonkadale Greenhouse spring decorating 2015: Neutrals and naturals

The hit of the party were the egg dioramas and cracked egg cache pots. So simple yet so cute. These vessels can be used with fresh or permanent items for lasting impact.

Tonkadale Greenhouse Spring Decorating 2015:  Cracked egg cache pots and egg dioramas

Next, we went back to the potting shed and gathered some good old terra cotta pots. Implementing this element in your spring décor brings back a nostalgia for the good old days. Mix with fresh plants and you’ve got it made!

Tonkadale Greenhouse Spring Decorating 2015:  Terra cotta pots

Lastly, we love these little nesty eggs. So versatile. They can sit in a large bowl, in a pretty little candle ring or hang from a ribbon. (insert photos 6 and 7)

Tonkadale Greenhouse Spring Decorating 2015:  Nesty eggs

Update your spruce top pots

If you are getting tired of looking at your spruce top pots, it’s time to pull them out and move on.

Hopefully you arranged your spruce tops in a drop-in liner so you can simply pull out the planter and start fresh. Before pansies are in the store, you can start with an assortment of pussy willows, budding branches and forsythia. Use birch tips or curly willow as a base.

  1. Start with potting soil in you pot
  2. Arrange your twigs and stems at various heights to create a vase shape
  3. Add cold-tolerant plants such as grasses, ivies, herbs and, of course, pansies when the weather is favorable.
  4. Pansies and their friends like best when nighttime temperatures are consistently above freezing.

Tonkadale Greenhouse Spring Decorating 2015: Update spruce top pots

Algerian Ivy glows in Neon

If you want a lead on the hottest new accent plant for indoors or out, it’s the new Algerian Ivy called Neon. The leaves stay that bright limey green that we all love and crave. It can be used as a house plant and then moved outdoors for the spring and summer season. We use ours with pansies in the spring, in shade containers and window boxed in the summer and with mums and grasses in the fall.

One of the easiest care and forgiving plants, this trailer will ask for nothing and give you so much in return. It won’t quit until the first hard frost either!

Tonkadale Greenhouse Spring Decorating 2015:  Neon Algerian Ivy

Tonkadale Greenhouse Spring Decorating 2015:  Neon Algerian Ivy

Go forth and decorate!

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