Grow and Give to focus on community gardens

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As we prepare for the 2015 gardening season, we are making some changes to our Grow and Give program. Starting this year, Tonkadale Greenhouse will now sponsor community gardens to raise produce for the ICA Food Shelf.

Tonkadale’s general manager, Jessie Jacobson, explains: “We very much appreciate the contributions from the gardeners who have raised vegetables for the ICA Food Shelf. We have found that community gardens are very effective and efficient at growing produce for donation to the Food Shelf, and we want to encourage this further.”

Individual gardeners who still want to participate in Grow and Give are encouraged to get in touch with a local community garden and offer to help, or start a community garden of their own.

Those who manage or sponsor community gardens in Minnetonka and the surrounding area are invited to complete this form to submit a request for plants and seeds for their garden. Once your request is approved, Tonkadale Greenhouse will set up a time for you to pick up your plants and seeds for the your garden.

If you have questions or need further information, please contact Jessie at 952-938-6480, or email her at hello (at)

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about what ICA is doing in our community.

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