2.5 ml Carnivorous Plant Food Drops

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  • CARNIVOROUS PLANT GROWTH BOOSTER - Grow Bigger Venus Fly Traps Faster with 1 oz Venus Fly Trap Food.
  • TESTED SAFE FOR PLANTS - Liquid Venus Fly Trap Food is formulated for delicate digestive systems of all Venus Fly Traps and have been safely tested.
  • PERFECTLY MIXED Venus Fly Trap Liquid Food is a proprietary blend of North Carolinian Seaweed, Distilled Water, and Ground Up Meal Worm. The ultimate growth booster for Venus Fly Traps
  • EASY AND FUN! Feeding your Venus Fly Trap has never been as easy and as fun as our Liquid Venus Fly Trap Food. Perfectly blended and non harmful for your Venus Fly Traps.