Create a spruce top pot container to enjoy outdoors in our indoor workshop space.

$20 + materials, includes Rice Hulls (the stuff you fill your pot with) and Wilt Stop (the stuff that keeps the moisture in the needles).

Bring your own container or purchase one at the store.

Time allows you to complete 2, 12” pots or equivalent. Up-charge for larger containers.

Materials available:
  • Spruce tops
  • Assorted evergreens
  • Pine cones
  • Winter twigs
  • Leafy bundles
  • Permanent leaves, greens, pods and berries
  • Much, much more
Workshop Basics:

Workshops begin with a short, informational seminar detailing project materials, mechanics and design. Design staff will be available to assist you as you create and construct your item in our workshop space.

  • Registration is required for all workshops.
  • Its time to start fresh when you decorate: Absolutely no outside materials. If you have decorations from previous years, we kindly ask that you add them when you get home. Birch poles are the exception. We will gladly help you place them.
  • Workshop participants always leave with a finished project they can be proud of.
Tonkadale Greenhouse

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