Join us for 2, Plant Parent sessions featuring guest speaker Darryl Cheng.

Darryl Cheng, author of ‘The New Plant Parent’, will bring your houseplant care game to the next level! With the soaring popularity of houseplants, more and more people are bringing these living things into their homes but confused about exactly how to care for them. Googling plant care advice leaves people with more questions than answers. Standard advice has been recycled from decades past when houseplants were treated as mere decor. Darryl brings a fresh perspective to an old hobby. His science-based, practical approach has helped thousands understand the essentials of houseplant care and become confident plant parents.

“In the short time since I started House Plant Journal (on Tumblr, then Youtube, then Instagram), I’ve answered THOUSANDS of questions about plant care.  The resounding consensus seems to be that people can’t find (or don’t trust) the plant care information on the internet. 
Part of the problem is that most plant care information is usually associated to a specific plant, giving the impression that those conditions/care instructions are unique to that plant.  In reality, you should consider your home as having several potential plant homes and choose plants accordingly. 
Another problem is people tend to forget that plants are alive.  Let me elaborate on what this means: plants will grow; interact with the environment around them; they have requirements that dictate whether they hang on for dear life or thrive; they’ll protest in difficult times; they’ll reward you in happy times.  Yes, there is psychological proof of their beneficial effects but I assure you, there are detrimental effects to both plant and human when either of you is in ill health.”
– Darryl Cheng

Darryl will talk about his journey from hobby plant parent to author of ‘The New Plant Parent’. He’ll share his new philosophy on plant care that will get you in the right mindset for success. After all, a solid foundation on houseplant care is the key to starting a lifelong appreciation for plants.

Houseplant Q&A: if Google hasn’t been too helpful with your plant problems, bring some pictures and he’ll take a look. Let’s make some diagnoses and recommendations on how to fix them!

Book signing: bring your books along or buy one at the event and Darryll will be happy to sign it!

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  1. Does this workshop replace the Propagation Workshop with Darryl Cheng that was canceled with promise of rescheduling?

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