Join us for 2, Plant Parent sessions featuring guest speaker Darryl Cheng.

Darryl Cheng, author of ‘The New Plant Parent’, will bring your houseplant care game to the next level! With the soaring popularity of houseplants, more and more people are bringing these living things into their homes but confused about exactly how to care for them.

Googling plant care advice leaves people with more questions than answers. Standard advice has been recycled from decades past when houseplants were treated as mere decor. Darryl brings a fresh perspective to an old hobby. His science-based, practical approach has helped thousands understand the essentials of houseplant care and become confident plant parents.

Darryl’s commitment to excellence, his passion for plants and thirst for knowledge have turned him into the king of the internet houseplant world.

10am – Plant Parent and Re-potting

Develop your green thumb and how to properly care for your houseplant family. Learn about Darryl’s journey to plant parenthood followed by an indoor plant re-potting demonstration.

Time for Questions & book signing with Darryl: ‘The New Plant Parent’ (available for purchase)

2pm – Plant Parenting and Propagation

All of the great information covered in the morning session plus propagation tips, tricks and strategies.

Time for Questions and book signing with Darryl: ‘The New Plant Parent’ (available for purchase)

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